5 Of The Best Cleansers To Hydrate And Correct Combination Skin

5 Of The Best Cleansers To Hydrate And Correct Combination Skin

The expression “best of both worlds” applies to many scenarios where you’re able to dip your toe in both camps and experience a slice of life on either side of the post. A scenario where this isn’t the case? Combination skin. In fact, combo skin somehow exhibits the worst of both. Rude, right?

Defined by skin types which are oily in some parts and dry in others (if you’re unsure of yours, take our skin type test), combination skin can often feel like it requires round the clock TLC. Basically, you’re constantly worrying if the cleanser you’re using is hydrating your dry patches without over-moisturising your oily t-zone, and vice versa. 

So while we’ve got the last step of our skin care routine covered with the best moisturisers for combination skin, it’s time to focus on numero uno: cleansers. Thankfully, some incredibly clever brands have formulated the perfect balance and developed cleansers which will sufficiently manage excess sebum and fight blackheads while keeping your complexion calm, supple and nourished. 

So if you sit in between the oily and dry camps, here are the best combination skin cleansers for an irritation-free wash.

CeraVe Hydrating Cream-to-Foam Cleanser

$19.99 at Chemist Warehouse

What begins as a cream then transforms into a gentle foam when in contact with water. CeraVe’s soap-free formula toes the line between nourishing and balancing, removing dirt without stripping the skin. How? Hyaluronic acid, essential ceramides and the expertise of dermatologists.

“It leaves my skin feeling and looking very clean without that tight stripped sensation and it also removes make-up. I think this would be suitable for anyone with sensitive skin as it feels calming and gentle.” – Izzy09

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ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

$91 at MECCA

Formulated with sweet almond oil to remove stubborn dirt from within the pores and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate dry patches, this best-selling balm is described as sitting somewhere between an oil and a milk. 

“This removes every little trace of makeup, even waterproof mascara, with no tugging or dragging at the skin. It leaves no residue and my skin feels clean and soft.” – Bebeauty34

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Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser All-in-One Cleansing Foam

$71.50 at The Facial Room

Quench the thirst of dehydrated skin and limit the production of excess sebum with Dermateutic’s purifying and non-irritating cleansing foam. 

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esmi Skin Minerals The Uncomplicated Cleanser

$49 at Sephora

Gently lift impurities and infuse dry skin with protective ingredients like aloe vera and camilla leaf extract. With this no-fuss formula, your skin won’t feel tight or dry but hydrated and supple.

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Clinique All-in-One Cleansing Micellar Milk + Makeup Remover 

$46 at Myer

Clinique’s dual-use milk removes face and eye makeup as well as impurities and pollution that have accumulated throughout the day. If you lean more heavily to one side of the combination spectrum, this cleansing and makeup removing formula is available in two versions: combination dry and combination oily.

“This milk left my skin feeling soft and clean but not dry. I’m really enjoying the convenience and the innovation as this is my first experience of a ‘milky micellar’ having only used water based ones in the past. I think this is one of the best cleansers of any type I have tried. Highly recommended.” – Frenchy1

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Do you have combination skin? Which cleanser do you use?

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  1. I have combination skin and have been using the Elemis cleansing balm. The way it makes my skin feel is next level. I also got the Esmi cleanser in Rewards Room. Can’t wait to use it.

    • Me too. That & oil cleansers work well for me. I’ve tried foaming & gel cleansers, but both of them dry my skin out far too much. (I also have the added “bonus” of having sensitive skin as well as being combination skinned. Hooray for me…not!)

  2. I have already tried most of these but would like to try the Dermaceutic cleanser as I’ve not used that brand before and love to change up my products to try new things as I get bored using the same things.

  3. Some of these look nice but I’m happy with my current cleanser an Elucent anti ageing one. I received some of this range in a BH trial team a few years ago and have decided to use this range ever since. My skin likes it and looks better when I use it.

  4. Always cleanse my face even at night time without any makeup on, also cleanse doubly when I do have makeup on as well.

    Thanks BH because I have Combination skin great Article.

  5. I don’t tend to spend a lot on cleansers since I wash them off quite quickly. I prefer creamy cleansers. The rest are awful for my skin, particularly foaming and gel cleansers.

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