The best face creams for boosting collagen

The best face creams for boosting collagen

Collagen is the key to a ton of our complexion goals, especially in the youth-boosting department. After all, it’s what gives skin its elasticity, strength and plumpness in the first place – all things we’d like to keep locked in for as long as possible.

But as we age, our collagen starts to diminish, taking with it skin’s supple, smooth appearance. And while we’re all for aging gracefully (or turning to treatments if Botox is your bag), sometimes all you’re after is an easy, non-invasive anti-ageing topical. And if that’s your brief, it’s hard to beat a collagen cream.

Formulated with ingredients known to boost collagen (or sometimes even the stuff itself) these moisturising creams not only deliver deep hydration, but also aim to both protect the collagen you have and provide the building blocks for your body to create more. Not bad at all.

Here are the collagen creams bound to plump up your skincare routine.

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Samson & Charlie

Samson & Charlie Blue Tansy + Marine Collagen Balancing Moisturising Cream

An ultra-hydrating, non-comedogenic moisturising cream packed with seaweed-derived marine collagen.

Dr. LeWinn’s

Dr. LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Collagen Surge Plumping Gel

This cream pairs caviar-like collagen capsules with a superior-grade hyaluronic acid for maximum plumpness.

John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals

John Plunkett Advanced Collagen Lift Moisturiser

An anti-ageing treatment formulated to stimulate natural collagen while lifting and firming the skin.


Essano Rosehip Collagen Repair Night Crème

Designed to repair collagen and protect the dermal layer of skin, this overnight cream will smooth and soften skin.


Abeeco Collagen + Beevenom Active Day Lift

This impressive formula contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and bee venom to minimise fine lines and improve firmness.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Deep Cream ($110,

Harnessing the power of Vit-C, collagen and amino acids, prepare for dullness and dehydration to be replaced with brightness and hydration.

Main image credit: @samsonandcharlie Have you tried collagen moisturisers before? Did you notice any changes in your skin?

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  1. I would love to include a product with vitamin C in my routine but all it does is make my dry skin flaky in some areas. Kakadu plum (high in vitamin C) does a similar thing.

  2. Collagen amino acids can not replace our own that are breaking down. Nope. But can somewhat mildly help with hydration. I prefer ing such as VitA derivatives (tretinoin, retinol and such) that are clinically seen to help in restoration of collagen formation, boosting collagen production.

  3. Definitely need to try John Plunkett Advanced Collagen Lift Moisturiser would really like to see a Anti-aging moisturiser that would work on the corners of your mouth, something they seem to miss regarding plumping the skin up.

  4. I dont think ive ever used a collagen cream but hey im off to the spa today for a microdermabrasion treatment which im told gets the collagen working and they did say they would give me some products to take home to keep my skin looking great so perhaps they might include a collagen cream if im lucky 🙂

  5. I’m dubious of this claim myself. It seems like the most obvious benefit of collagen creams is hydration which could make it seem as though the collagen claim is true – skin looks more plump. But whether there is any more deep and meaningful benefit, I doubt it. Not to say I wouldn’t try any of these creams though. The first slide (blue tansy and collagen) looks like a really lovely product.

  6. These all look lovely but collagen is too big to cross the skin barrier, and even broken down (hydrolysed) collagen probably doesn't do anything. Jury is out about ingested collagen.

  7. Great article and super helpful! Recently started researching and trialing more expensive/well known products on the market and finding out what works for me. I’m all for anything that boosts collagen!

  8. No it doesn’t. I worked in the industry for 20 years and after I started teaching cosmetic chemistry to Beauty Therapists I realised the entire industry is built on lies! I stick to good Dematological formulas now like La Roche Posay, Bioderma, QV and QV Face & Cetaphil.

  9. I prefer to take collagen orally. Sometimes I buy powders that you mix with water to drink. I've recently been taking collagen gummies (yum!)

    I've marked Adrianna55, a few posts below as spam.

  10. Anti-aging skin care is important for those who wish to keep a youthful complexion, there are various ways wherein someone can decrease the appearance of aging; these usually involve keeping the body well hydrated and using sun protection products to block the negative effects the sun has to the skin, which involves the forming of wrinkles alongside other effects of aging. Using Kollagen can also be a big help, it is an anti-aging cream that supports the natural development of collagen in the body, alongside brightening and moisturizing the skin, and reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles. You can check them out here

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