8 detoxifying clay masks to draw out deep impurities

8 detoxifying clay masks to draw out deep impurities

Evidence of the Aztec’s lathering clay onto their skin as part of beauty rituals dates back as far as 4,000 years. Fast forward to the present day, and mineral-rich clay masks have well and truly secured their seat at the skin care heavy-hitters table.

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Best known for their ability to draw out oil, dirt and other impurities, clay masks make way for clear skin and unclogged pores in as little as a 10 minute session. Not to mention, they make the best accessory for a cute ‘self-care Sunday’ selfie. 

However, when it comes to these congestion-fighting masks, there’s clay and then there’s clay. 

While some products boast the usual detoxifying benefits, they can also leave behind dryness and irritation. And others, formulated with a far higher quality clay, mixed with soothing botanicals and hydrating vitamins, will make for a far more gentle exfoliation. Leaving the skin clean, not cleaned out.

Here are our top eight picks of the best detoxifying and skin brightening clay masks on the market…

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying + Mattifying Eucalyptus Mask

We say: The creamy texture of the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying + Mattifying Eucalyptus Mask works deep into the pores to leave the skin purified while controlling excess shine. Formulated with purifying eucalyptus extract, enjoy a refreshed and revitalised complexion. 

You say: “My skin looked so fresh and even-looking. To say that I was surprised about the results is an understatement. I just have to give this mask a five star rating – no question about it.” – clearcrystalwater

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Sukin Naturals Pink Clay Masque

We say: Sukin’s Pink Clay Masque, formulated with aloe vera and cucumber, will nourish delicate skin by gently drawing impurities and environmental pollutants to the surface. The result? Skin that’s radiant and clear.

You say: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask. I don’t usually see an immediate difference when using face masks but every time I wash this one off, my skin looks so much brighter.” – anitata1

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Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Clay Mask

We say: If you’re after a salon-quality treatment for a fraction of the cost (ummm, who isn’t?), the Manuka Honey Detoxifying Clay Mask from Swisse is formulated with charcoal and Australian white kaolin clay to provide a luxurious facial from the comfort of your couch.  

You say: “The mask left my skin feeling soft and smooth … I could see the mask working as it was changing colour from light grey to almost black in the areas wher I have most oily skin.” – Edita

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Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

We say: If acne and stubborn pimples are your biggest skin care qualm, Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask is the clay mask best suited to you. This vegan, antioxidant-rich formula uses kaolin clay to soothe acne-related congestion and witch hazel to speed up the healing time of red, angry pimples.

You say: It has significantly improved my skin tone, by brightening up and shrinking pores. One of the reasons I instantly fall in love with it, was the fact that you may see results quite after the first time trying.

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La Mav® Green Clay Detox Mask

We say: While some clay masks can lean towards the drying side, La Mav’s Green Clay Detox Mask uses green tea extract and marula oil to extract all the nasties, all while injecting much needed moisture. 

You say: “It helps to decongest gently and purify the skin. The effects are gentle and that is probably a great think for most skin types.” – crystalclearwater

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SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque

We say: Well worth the price tag, SkinCeuticals have formulated their Clarifying Clay Masque with the highest quality natural clays on offer. The mixture of kaolin and bentonite plus botanical and minerals such as zinc oxide will leave your skin calm, purified and completely decongested.

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Essano Clarifying Clay Masque

We say: If you fall into the oily or congested category, enlist the help of Essano’s Clarifying Clay Masque for assistance in hydrating and replenishing skin. Formulated with essential fatty acids and nutrients, treat yourself to this mask once a week and enjoy soft, smooth and radiant skin.

You say: “This is such a wonderful find and it’s such a great price too! After using my skin always feels nice and soft.” – renee.t

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Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Clay Mask

We say: Lift dirt, oil and toxins from deep within the skin and reveal a clean, balanced and healthy complexion thanks to the 99 per cent natural formula made from powerful antioxidants.

You say: “This is the face mask I have been reaching for after a long week to detoxify and feel refreshed! It really is a great and effective face mask for the price and it’s full of amazing natural ingredients.” – RM123

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Main image credit: @jlbabe Do you use a clay mask? If so, which is your favourite?

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  1. I love good masks and there are a few up my sleeve! The Retreatment mask is special because of it's ingredients and I feel like I can really trust it with my skin (after all it's ONJ's product) but I love several clay masks and like to rotate them a bit.

  2. I have combination skin with clogged pores, and I've tried a lot of clay masks. The Swisse Manuka Honey mask is my holy grail, after trying almost all the Sukin ones and generation clay. The swisse mask has enough strength to draw out excess oil from pores and yet doesn't dry out your skin. Great stuff.

  3. I don't have a favourite clay mask. I currently have Alya but I haven't noticed a difference in my skin. It's so popular and has great reviews but I was left disappointed. I do have the Loreal clay mask but the brown one in my cupboard that I'm yet to try.

  4. I am currently using the Swisse clay mask and I really like it. It has been the only one so far that I have used that doesn't make my skin feel parched afterwards. It just leaves my skin nice and soft and squeaky clean. The other ones I have tried left my skin dehydrated, itchy and quite red.

    Not to mention that the Swisse mask doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Especially when you get it 50% off like I did 😉

  5. Love the Essano and Sukin ones! Sukin regularly comes up 50% at either the supermarkets or priceline/chemist warehouse, when half price it is so cheap and effective brand. I also enjoy their natural deo and face mist, among their other products. Really want to try some of their body washes too when I run out.

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