3 of the best anti-ageing neck creams


Oh, stop getting in a flap. Just stop it! There’s no need to stress about your crepey, ageing skin turning into a turkey neck when you’re armed with this anti-ageing advice…

The skin around your neck contains fewer oil glands than your face, making it extremely delicate and prone to ageing. However, you can minimise the damage by cleansing and toning the area each morning and night, as well as applying specialised treatments that help combat slackened skin, wrinkles and age spots.


#1. Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Renewing Face and Neck Mask

Boosting your skin’s collagen production is the best way to fight off wrinkles ¬– and this mask does just that. Its anti-ageing ingredients of calendula oil, camellia oil and lavender also help to minimise creepiness, while its jojoba and shea butter base ensures your skin is always left plump and soft.

#2. philosophy miracle worker anti-aging neck and décolleté cream

This cream doesn’t just do a mighty fine job of hydrating and plumping your skin thanks to its omega essential fatty acids, its vitamin C also helps to minimise dark spots and even out your skin tone. The result? A smoother, more radiant neck.

#3. Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Cream ($89, 02 9663 4277)

Did you know organic green banana and lemon thyme make a fantastic team when it comes to strengthening the skin around your neck? Well, they do, and alongside the skin smoothing green algae, hyaluronic acid and organic oat sugars, these ingredients make a Clarins’ Extra-Firming Neck Cream a winner.

Have you noticed signs of ageing on your neck? Do you use a specific neck cream? Which of these five would you like to try most?

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