10 hydrating eye creams under $30

10 hydrating eye creams under $30

Eye creams are a fairly contentious product for beauty lovers. Are they the key  to a powerful anti-aging routine, or are they just over-hyped mini-moisturisers?

While we at beautyheaven don’t think they’re the be-all and end-all of skincare, we do find them to be great at lightening dark circles and hydrating the skin around your eyes. 

Ahead, you’ll find ten eye creams for under $30, to make sure you’ll never have to overspend on eyecare. 

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NIVEA Q10plusC Anti Wrinkle + Energy Eye Treatment, $23.99

I LOVE this product so much that I can’t even begin to explain how good it has been for me. I’ve noticed that ever since using this cream, my fine lines do not appear at the end of the day. Typically, I find that my undereye dries out during the day, enhancing the wrinkles. But with this, I’ve noticed that the wrinkles don’t deepen throughout the day. Instead, the under eye skin stays plump!” – bh member vtjh.

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QV Face Revitilising Eye Cream, $16.60

I started using this eye cream a few months back and noticed that the dark circles under my eyes started to fade. I found that the more I used it and the more consistently I used the better it works. Before I started using the eye cream the circles under my eyes were almost black, as in bruise looking, and they were really puffy too. Within a number of days of using the cream I noticed a massive change in my appearance of my eyes. My confidence grew as a result. People noticed I wasn’t looking as tired as I used too. It is amazing value for money.” – bh member Mez.Monkey. 

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Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Eye Cream, $19.99

I started using this product when I noticed fine lines just under my eyes and just a few week later, the lines are definitely less noticable and the skin under my eyes feels more plump.” – bh member Tangoette. 

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Andalou Coconut Water Eye Lift Cream, $25.99

I have only recently tried this product and I have to say… I love it! It’s probably one of my more favourite affordable eye creams that I have tried. It is a nice and lightweight texture, which seems to be a consistent factor through the Andalou ‘Firming’ range. I would even go as far to say that it’s more of an eye gel/serum than a cream, judging by texture. If you don’t like particularly heavy and thick creams under the eyes, than this is for you! This product sinks in really nice and quickly too, but the area still feels nourished once it does. Great product!” – bh member Viki J.

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A’kin Age-Defy Lifting Eye Cream, $29.95

This eye cream has changed my under eye area so much over the past few weeks. My skin is so much more plump and smooth, and I think my under eye area is looking more glowing and younger (and I’ll never so no to that). The winning ingredient in this cream is the hyaluronic acid. I’ve read that studies have show this acid is one of the best you can put on your face to improve plumpness due to its ability to hold about 1000 times it’s weight in water within the skins cells, leading to that plumping affect. Having hyaluronic acid in this cream is a great benefit as it cuts down the need for me to add my usual hyaluronic serum, saving time and money.” – bh member Niboddington.

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Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream, $19.95

“I’ve used Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream a number of times! I cant believe I never reviewed it before! I use it day and night to achieve best results. My eyes do appear more brighter and hydrated. As for wrinkles I will continue to use eye creams to prevent them as much as possible! but I believe so far so good! The cream is easily absorbed so it doesnt feel heavy under your eyes and does not effect my make up during the day. Great value for money, and I will keep on re-using Natio Ageless Brightening Eye Cream!” – bh member Natalie123.

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Sukin Naturals Purely Ageless Reviving Eye Cream, $19.95

have tried several under-eye serums and lotions, and when I used other products the under-eye area didn’t get any worse, but it didn’t get better either. Not with the Sukin Purely Ageless eye cream! I started to apply one pump of cream in the morning under my eyes and on the lids, and some fine lines started to fade just after one or two days of use! Now I’ve been using it for a month and the effect persists. The Purely Ageless eye cream is not only efficient, but it’s also pleasant and easy to use. I like the creamy texture and the sweet scent. The pump bottle is practical and hygienic, it’s made of glass, not plastic, which makes it instantly more classy and environmentally-friendly, and it contains 25 ml products, which will last forever. Oh, and I can also apply light makeup on top, like eye-liner and a touch of eyeshadow.” – bh member VeronicaStrange.

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Swisse Argan Anti-Aging Eye Cream, $16.99

I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on eye creams/gels/oils and this Swiss eye cream is the best i’ve ever used! With the very reasonable price tag, this eye cream has done wonders. It’s not too heavy and it doesn’t have a powerful scent either which i like. I have seen the difference in the darkness under my eyes which is one of the main reasons i use eye cream. It sinks into the skin well so you can easily apply before putting on makeup in the morning. I don’t think i’ve noticed any difference in my crows feet but it does seem that my make up doesn’t sit in them like it used to. I would recommend giving it a go!” – bh member ElPyne.

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Essano Collagen Boost Eye Crème, $19.95

I’m finding my eyes look fresh, the fine lines and wrinkles are appeased and my darkness under my eyes is also helped. I love the way it promised to firm and I think I have also noticed that already. The tone around my eyes is also brightened up. I am finding it easier to put my eyeshadow on since I’ve been using this. I love how I can put it all over the eye area. I take it up over my eyebrows too and down also onto my cheeks. It spreads so well that it’s easy to do this with this eye ‘cream’. It’s rich so remember the tiniest dot will do the job.” – bh member clearcrystalwater.

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LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream, $29.95

This is an amazing eyecream, it has a gentle smell and is really soft and hydration to the eye area. The smallest dab works wonders it gives awesome value for money.” – bh member KKKatie.

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*This article has been updated since its publication date Which eye cream would you most like to try? Main image credit: @dietmtndewy

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  1. Looks like this article has been updated with new products. I'm eager to see how the trial team goes with the Nivea Q10+C eye cream. Also glad to see many Australian brands being featured!

  2. I'm an avid user of eye cream – I've been pressing anti-aging eye creams gently into any wanna-be wrinkles and around my eyes since my early uni days which was many, many moons ago!! They make them better these days than what used to be available too.

  3. Not a fan of eye creams, as they are just diluted forms of already diluted moisturizers that my skin has zero need for. I smear any serums I use on the face over the eye area and lips. But….intrigued by lush one, 45g good size…off to check ingredients

  4. TO Caffeine is not great for sensitive eyes. I have also on several occasions had it leak into my eyes and it stung horribly. I wish it came in a tube or something that dispensed the quantity properly. I always end up with excess.

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