Could you talk the talk?

Could you talk the talk?

Nutrimetics is as famous for being one of Australia’s biggest direct selling brands as it is for its Nutrimetics Spa Experience parties where you and your girlfriends get to play around with products while learning about relaxation and wellness techniques.

Richard Wolstenholme, Vice President of Marketing at Nutrimetics told our sister website, beautydirectory, earlier this year that direct selling “offers anyone an opportunity to earn an unlimited income, and at the same time provides the flexibility to build a career around the demands of family life.”

So is the life of a Nutrimetics Consultant for you? We caught up with three Nutrimetics Consultants to find out…

Tasha White

Age: 27

Location: Perth, WA

How long have you been a Nutrimetics Consultant?Ӭ

I joined Nutrimetics less than three years ago; the beauty industry had always been of interest so I was keen to give it a go. After just six months with Nutrimetics I entered the MIQ (manager in qualification) programme and was elevated to an Executive Sales Manager. I love being in an ’empowering women’ environment and thanks to the life skills and personal growth I have gained through Nutrimetics, I now feel confident in managing any challenges that come my way. 

Have you received any great rewards since becoming a Nutrimetics consultant?

It’s hard to believe all the wonderful, generous rewards you’re able to receive for doing something that you love. I’ve had a three-day escape to Broome with my partner, an $1800 travel voucher, attended an international seminar in Buenos Aires, plus the amazing Dream Car – my own red Peugeot 207cc.

Do you have a Nutrimetics My Website?Ӭ

Yes. My Website is an amazing new tool that gives customers a choice – some prefer the face-to-face contact but for those who prefer the convenience of online – like beautyheaven members – it works well!

What are your favourite Nutrimetics products?Ӭ

I love the new nc Lash Impact Mascara, it’s an amazing product, as is the Ultra Care+ range for its at-home convenience and affordability.

Chantelle Sutton-Mattocks

Age: 25

Location: Clearview, SA

How long have you been working as a Nutrimetics Consultant?

I became a Nutrimetics consultant six years ago; I thought it would be a great opportunity to earn some extra money while I was at uni. I only did two parties a week and earned myself an extra $200-$300. Once I’d finished my degree, Nutrimetics was put aside for a while and I worked full-time. However, a few years later I realised that I missed the rewards, the recognition, the socialising and just having fun! Due to the flexibility of Nutrimetics and the great income it provides me, I only have to work three days a week which gives me more time to enjoy life and do the things I love. And I’m getting married in October so I love that I can give myself a pay rise by doing just a few more Spa Experience parties a week!

Have you received any great rewards since becoming a Nutrimetics consultant?

I never thought that at 25 I would have my very own company car, have the opportunity to travel overseas every year with my partner (last year we were in South America and this year we’re going to Bintan Island), have such great income and incentives, work less hours for more money and have more time to spend with my family and friends.

Do you have a Nutrimetics My Website?

Most of my business is now online as it’s so much easier and more convenient due to the amazing tools and offers available to Nutrimetics consultants via the My Website option.

What are your favourite Nutrimetics products?

My favourite Nutrimetics product is the Nutri-Rich Oil. There is no other product that is so versatile. I also love all the nc colour range too; Nutrimetics is always keeping up to date with the latest in make-up and fashion.

ӬӬKelly Duvall

Age: 25

Location: Canberra, ACT

How long have you been working as a Nutrimetics Consultant?

It was six years in October 2008. I didn’t really see myself following in my mum’s footsteps (she’s a very successful Nutrimetics Sales Director) until I got a full-time office job and didn’t enjoy working five days a week for someone else. I thought about my mum’s lifestyle, how much she loved it, and the benefits such as overseas trips really excited me so that’s why I started. I love socialising, travelling, snowboarding and wakeboarding and Nutrimetics gives me the flexibility to do more of those things.

Have you received any great rewards since becoming a Nutrimetics consultant?

Six overseas seminars plus a few extra bonus trips to Palm Cove and Vanuatu, three company cars, jewellery, a camera, a $2500 travel voucher, endless bags, the list goes on.

Do you have a My Website?

Yes, I created it when Nutrimetics launched the online component of their business in October 2008. I have had several orders placed on the site and look forward to it becoming very successful as I make more people become aware of it.

What are your favourite Nutrimetics products?

I love Nutri-Rich Oil, the crown jewel of our range, as it has over 30 different ways you can use it. I also love Ultra Care+ SPF 18 Day Lotion as it contains SPF 18, mango seed butter and apricot kernel oil, so it not only protects, but smells really great too.

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