Skin care tips for travelling beauties

Skin care tips for travelling beauties

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say there’s nothing more exciting than planning a holiday. Deciding where to go, where to stay, and what to do, but there may be one thing you’re forgetting to consider before getting on the plane – your skin.

Long-haul flights and different temperatures and environments can wreak havoc on your skin, so let’s find out the best products and beauty travelling tips you need to keep your skin looking flawless on your next vay-cay.

How can a long-haul flight affect your skin?

“Air travel can negatively affect the skin in a variety of ways,” says James Vivian, dermal clinician and founder of The Cosmeceutical Curator [link to]. “The circulating air is extremely dry and devoid of moisture which, when the skin is inadequately protected, can literally leach the moisture from the skin.” And the damage doesn’t stop there: “Pair that with the consumption of dehydrating beverages such as caffeine and alcohol, in addition to high-sugar and high-sodium foods, and the dehydration of the skin and body is further exacerbated.”

Not getting enough shut-eye on a long flight not only makes you cranky, but it affects your skin, too. “A lack of sleep while flying can reduce the rejuvenating processes the skin requires, manifesting as dark circles, puffy eyes and sallow skin. Lastly, skin care routines can be neglected while flying, including the removal of make-up, leading to breakouts and an ‘unkempt’ appearance.”

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What is the best way to look after your skin while flying?

It’s all about hydration, hydration, hydration. “Pre-flight, give the skin a thorough exfoliation either at-home or professionally (an [in-salon] treatment is ideal!). From here, flood the skin with hydrating ingredients, for example hyaluronic acid, antioxidants like vitamin C, and lock it all in with an occlusive barrier like rosehip oil to reduce the rate at which the dehydration occurs.”

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If you can’t board bare-faced, take James’ advice and make it minimal. “Keep it light and remove it [after] take-off and repeat the application of the above ingredients. Throughout the flight, repeat the cleansing and reapplication processes (or at best, [use] a hydrating mist), abstain from the consumption of dehydrating foods and beverages, and attempt to sleep as much as possible.”

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What must-have skin care products should you take in your check-in luggage?

Post-flight, dig your body exfoliator out of your bag and give your body a good scrub and pop on a hydrating face mask. “Air travel can negatively affect the skin over the entire body, so don’t forget to check-in a body exfoliating mitt and moisturiser to use upon arrival [to your destination],” explains James. “A hydrating mask is excellent to apply upon arrival and prior to all additional air travel.”

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For time-poor travellers, James recommends sticking to the basics – a cleanser, exfoliant or exfoliating serum for night, and moisturiser. For skin care aficionados, James suggests packing your entire at-home skin care range.

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If you’re travelling in a cooler climate, what are the best ways to look after your skin?

Chilly climates call for a whole lot of hydration, so James advises slathering your skin with nourishing oils and moisturisers. “Cooler climates require a similar program to [what] I suggested when flying. Continue to layer hydration and reapply as often as possible.” To keep your skin protected, James insists you apply products that contain SPF, and exfoliate regularly to allow your products to penetrate as deeply as possible.

If you’re travelling in a warmer climate, what are the best ways to look after your skin?

If a warmer destination is your go-to, ease up on hydrating products and keep it light and simple. “Warmer climates, especially humid climates, do not require such diligent hydration practices. Keep the hydration light by using a similar program as when flying, however, omit the oil-based moisturiser or oil option, especially during the day,” suggests James, and don’t forget the SPF! “Reapply SPF throughout the day, especially after sweating or swimming, and remember other forms of sun protection such as hats and protective clothing.”

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How do you care for your skin when you travel? Will you be taking on board any of James’ tips?

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