bh’s beauty resolutions


The bh girls work in the beauty industry, so our skin care routines are flawless and our make-up always magnificent – right? Wrong! We’re just as guilty of committing the most common beauty sins (think orange elbows from DIY tanning, DIY hair dye left on too long, severe sunburn and sleeping with make-up on). The only difference is, we really should know better. So to ring in 2015, we’ve put forward some beauty and health resolutions that we’re hoping to nail in the new year.

“To exfoliate and moisturise my body! I’ve only been taking care of my face.” –bh’s Christine

“To put more effort into my hair – maybe a shorter hairstyle is in order.” –bh’s Issy

“To not own any more lipsticks. I own too many already and most of them are really similar shades. So, in 2015, I’ll try to avoid fire-engine reds and bright pinks.” –bh’s Carli

“To do more exercise and tone up!” –bh’s Sharne

“I want to learn how to do really good eye make-up. My go-to is a bright lip, but I want to be able to wear a nude colour with stand-out eyes!” –bh’s Sam

“To be more accepting of myself and relax.” –bh’s Whitney

“Learn how to switch off, have social media detox days and meditate.” –bh’s Jess

“To grow out my eyebrows and get them to the perfect thickness and shape for my face (even if it means temporarily looking like a cavewoman in the process).” –bh’s Anna

“Invest in a good brush set. I commit the cardinal beauty sin of using my fingers to apply eyeshadow on a regular basis. The old mitts don’t have great blending capabilities!” –bh’s Kelly

“Be brave and experiment with colour. I tend to stick to neutrals but I’m making myself a deal: try a new shade of lippy every month of the year and you can have the pair of Louboutins.” –bh’s Astrid

“To find a foundation that matches my skin colour perfectly!” –bh’s Michelle

“To drink more water and never organise meetings in my yoga time.” –bh’s Janet

“To speed up the process of curling my hair with a straightener.” –bh’s Katia 

“Find a lightweight foundation that doesn’t cause me to break out so I can wear it during the day.” – bh’s Caitlin

“To use a hydrating hair mask once a week to keep my coloured hair healthy, shiny and in good condition.” –bh’s Annalise

Do you have a beauty resolution? What are you looking forward to most in the New Year?

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