Beauty products you should never share

Beauty products you should never share

Does anything beat getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out? With a glass of champagne in hand and tunes blaring, it’s the time to play around with your impressive make-up stash. And sharing is caring, right?

Hold it right there, girl. You should keep these five beauty products all to yourself (because this is what happens if you don’t)…


When your make-up brushes and sponges are wet, they create the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to thrive, which can lead to fungal infections and breakouts. If your friend forgot her make-up brush, kindly suggest she applies foundation using her fingertips. Only use sponges and brushes on clean skin, and wash them religiously every week.


We’ve all been there: you’re touching up your lip gloss post-coffee with your pal, and she asks if she can have some too. That’s when you need to quickly change the subject and move on! Since lipsticks and glosses are moist, they’re breeding grounds for bacteria – so infections like the contagious cold-sores-causing herpes virus can easily spread from person to person.

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When you dip your fingers into a jar of product, you run the risk of contaminating the formula with bacteria – so you can only imagine what might happen if you let your good friend Sally sink her sticky fingers in, too! Store your skin care and foundation out of sight when the girls are around, and keep your skin free from nasties by washing your hands and using a spatula to scoop out product.


You wouldn’t want your nail technician to use unsanitised nail clippers, buffers and files, so don’t share your own at-home ones with your friends, either. If your cuticles are cut and your tools aren’t properly sanitised, bacteria and fungus can spread, causing all sorts of icky infections like warts and Hepatitis C.


It sounds gross, but your eyelashes, waterlines and lids actually contain loads of bacteria, making your eye make-up and tools vulnerable to hosting infections like pink eye, conjunctivitis and herpes. The next time your friend picks up your mascara wand, tell her that and she’ll step away, stat. NOBODY wants sticky eyes.

Do you avoid sharing your beauty products? Did you know that these products could spread infections?

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