Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Coming from humble beginnings doesn’t mean that something is ineffective. Nature has an ultimate list of wonder ingredients on offer, so why not jump on Mother Nature’s bandwagon and see what she can do for your beauty routine today?

Here are some fantastic brands that incorporate natural ingredients or are nature based…

Nutri-Synergy is an Australian owned and made brand that induces a chorus line of ‘hallelujahs’ for sufferers of dry and sensitive skin. Using naturally active ingredients and being free from SLS and chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that your skin is in good hands.
Tip: try the NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment to restore life to dry skin.

For thousands of years, we have cultivated the earth to keep us looking young, so it is no wonder L’Occitane uses the power of the Immortelle plant: a flower that never withers: in its newest anti-ageing range. Proven to boost vitality, increase collagen, and protect against cellular ageing, this range is a huge hit with women looking to harness nature to help hold back the effects of time.
Replace your daily moisturiser with L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream and witness the skin miracles that occur.

Santorini Sun
When a brand is named after a beautiful Greek Island, you know it is try-worthy. Santorini Sun uses organically-grown ingredients in its products to bring about the healthiest results. Their Facelift Oil uses what Greece is abundant in – olive oil – to restore your skin to prime health. It also helps alleviate scars, restore uneven skin tone, and  – as a huge fan myself – I can honestly tell you it calms breakouts.
Tip: try Santorini Sun Facelift Oil (details at

Sun damage is a huge part of our lives as Australians. Once you have a freckle it is almost impossible to get rid of without harsh  bleaching creams. Phyt’s steps in and gives us a certified organic brightening cream that contains Vitamin C and pro-vitamin A to even out skin tone and slow down the production of melanin: say sayonara to pigmentation and hello to luminous skin.
Tip: Phyt’s Crème de Nuit Eclaircissante is one to try in your skincare regime (details at

David Babaii
Cruelty to animals in the name of beauty is never OK with me. David Babaii’s products work to give back to nature and are definitely not tested on animals. It is a beautiful range of hair care products that are sulfate, paraben and petrochemical-free, and provide our noggins with colour protection, volume and hydration.
Tip: is your hair lacking volume? Why not the David Babaii Miracle Volume Powder? It also doubles as a dry shampoo, mopping up any oil slick that may have occurred.

Being an Eco-warrior has never been so chic with Aveda and their vast range of products. This brilliant, botanical range delivers amazing results, all the while caring for the environment. I reckon even Captain Planet would approve!
Tip: for shine that turns heads, try something from the Aveda Brilliant range, such as the Emollient Finishing Gloss

Do you like to use beauty products inspired by nature? Have you tried any of the goodies above?
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