Beauty news: skin care saviour

Beauty news: skin care saviour

It’s the quest of every maturing woman worth her weight in moisturiser to find the answer to youthful-looking skin. And boy, is it often a long, confusing, and cosmetic-filled journey!

Which is why, when we notice that an anti-ageing product range is getting top star ratings from our members, we have to bring it to your attention – it’s our beauty duty after all.

One range that’s been getting some great reviews of late is Elucent. It’s a dermatologist recommended line of skin and body care products that combines the anti-ageing benefits of AHAs with the nourishing and beautifying benefits of vitamins. Here’s what your fellow members have been saying about the various products in the Elucent range:

Elucent Day Moisturiser
“This moisturiser has a light and creamy texture, it applies easily on the skin and is not thick like some SPF 30 moisturizers. Skin feels smooth and hydrated, and make-up glides on easily over the top. I love the fact it has SPF 30+, which is essential requirement for me. I also use this for the anti-aging factor and AHA content helps to keep the skin smooth and even.” – PrettyPrincess

Elucent Night Moisturiser
“I love this night cream, since using it especially on my neck and chest area I’ve noticed a reduction in sun damage and dryness…I’ve been using the whole range for two months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin tone and texture…” – Jasmel05

Elucent Serum
“What I have noticed after using Elucent products for less than a month, is soft, smoother skin. I seem to have more of a youthful glow. I still have pigmentation, but it seems to have lightened ever so slightly, but enough to give me the beginning of a more even skintone. Breakouts have healed quicker. I am sure with further use, I will begin to see more signs of ageing reduced, such as softening of fine lines. I am loving my skin at the moment, thanks to Elucent Serum, an intensive anti-ageing product!” – scentsation

Do you find buying cosmetics confusing? Are you more likely to try a product if bh members recommend it?

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