Inside beautyheaven this week: mad about the man

Inside beautyheaven this week: mad about the man

It’s that time of year again when we pause to think about the darling menfolk in our lives. Yes, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday, 7 September but it’s also the start of a whole new season. Spring traditionally means new beginnings so it happens to be a great excuse to examine your skin, body and haircare rituals regardless of how many X chromosomes you have.

So whether you’re thinking of a gift for dad, grandpa, hubby or just desperate to stop your boyfriend from using your precious eye cream (see, we do notice), this week beautyheaven will help you arm them all with the very best in grooming gear.

Because we know what boys like, we asked them to play mythbusters in a special product review, giving us their verdict on everything from fragrance to moisturiser and a body hair trimmer. We also sent one of the bh blokes off for a manfacial. Guess what? He love, love, loved it!

And because we love, love, love you, we’re treating you to some eye candy with our Hollywood hunks grooming guide. From low-key to guy-liner via the dishy Matthew McConaughey, you can thank us later.

We’ve also called on John Chalmers, style editor of Australian Men’s Health to spill the beans on what men really want when it comes to personal care products. Not only is John an expert in this field, he always smells divine.

BTW, we have presents too! We’ve teamed up with VS Sassoon to offer shaving and grooming gift solutions (plus deluxe treats for you) for every kind of dad. Plus there’s also a chance to win an Apothecary Australia wellness retreat next month to make this your best spring ever.  

And if you’re wondering why there’s an image of David Beckham today, it’s because we can. Sigh…

How do the men in your life approach grooming?  

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