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With most of us working from home, we’d be remissed not to take the opportunity to simulatenously beautify ourselves while answering emails from the couch.

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And with our professional beauty treatments on hold ’til further notice, there’s no better time than right now to invest in at-home beauty gadgets that provide salon-quality results. And trust us, there are loads!

Whether it’s your laser hair removal, LED light therapies or pampering pedicures, here’s just a few gadgets to stay looking and feeling great in quarantine. 


Manicare NOVA FIT™

This four-pronged electronic contraption is the facial massager you never knew you needed. Half-relaxation, half-total face workout, all 43 facial muscles are stimulated with gentle contractions to improve tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation. 

After applying you serum, moisturiser or even a sheet mask, allow the NOVA FIT™to knead and release tension, treating yourself to a five minute treatment per day.

The result? Gorgeous, glowing skin.

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No, this is not an alien from outer space, however the capabilities of this little skin device do seem out of this world.

The upgrade from the original UFO to the 2 features superior technology to treat skin concerns and infuse ingredients even deeper into the skin.

Made to be used in tandem with FOREO’s single-use facial masks (which are sold separately), this app-enabled device works it’s masking magic in just 90-seconds with full-spectrum LED light, as well as Thermo-Therapy, Cryo-Therapy and T-Sonic pulsations to boost the skin’s absorbency.

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Rodan + Fields Pore Cleansing MD System

The thought of literally sucking all the gunk out of our pores is more satisfying than popping a pimple. The Pore Prep Solution is applied first to break down stubborn oil, dead skin cells and debris.

Then targeted tips give you the perfect combination of pressure and suction to extract gunk and blackheads for visibly minimized pores. WARNING: This tool is addictive! Remember, everything in moderation.

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Dermal Hub LED Light Shield Mask

If you’ve ever had a professional LED light treatment, you’ll attest to their greatness – not only are they super relaxing, but their benefits for calming the skin are amazing.

This Dermal Hub cordless, medical grade Led Light Therapy Mask offers three powerful therapeutic lights that you can use while watching your next Netflix binge:

Blue light: This helps combat the appearance of acne, makes you skin less oily and promotes anti-inflammatory effects.
Red light:This slows the signs of ageing by promoting collagen and revitalises the appearance of your skin.
Amber light: To boost the oxygen in your cells, in turn helping prevent pigmentation and sun-damage.

$159, dermalhub.com.au


Nu Skin® ageLOC® Galvanic Spa®

Technically for the face – this device also has an adaptor head for the body and scalp too! Using microcurrents through the conductor head, it stimulates the skin on the face and body for improved appearance, tone and circulation. 

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Remington Proluxe Digital Dryer

Just because you can’t visit the salon, doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality blowdry at home. Allow us to introduce you to Remington’s lightest and quietest hairdryer, here to make arm aches a thing of the past.

With a digital motor featuring 2300watts of power for faster trying, and steady heat distrubtion for frizz reduction, it’s officially our new MVP.

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Manicare pediPRO range

Put your best foot forward, in isolation, with these foot perfecting faves. the Manicare pediPRO callus file is double sided (fine and coarse) and uses Diamondcel™ multidirectional grit to smooth calluses with ease, whereas the Manicare pediPRO callus remover uses 240 micro blades to gently shave away dead, hard skin from your feet. If your tootsies just need a gentle buff, the Manicare pediPRO softroc™ foot exfoliator is great for everyday maintenance, and can be used on wet or dry skin.

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What are your fave at-home beauty devices? Would you like to try any of these?

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  1. I read about it in Allure. It is designed for the eyes. I call it the “eye vibrator” because it vibrates to enhance circulation to the eye area and address puffiness aka eye bags! Just forgot its name. I’ll get back to you Ell.

  2. I remember when I first heard of Foreo on the forums. I thought it was meant to massage something else – lol. I was lucky enough to be on the trial team for the Remington Proluxe Digital Dryer.

  3. I’ve been using a Foreo for years, since they were fairly new to the market. I really like it. I feel that it’s made a difference to my skin. I got a new one with a prize package from Beautyheaven last year, so I decided to retire my old one, because it was looking a bit old and ratty. Thank you Beautyheaven!

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