6 Beauty Bosses Share Their Best Life Advice

6 Beauty Bosses Share Their Best Life Advice

Nothing helps create success more than support. And when women get behind each other, that’s when the magic truly happens.

So in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8), we’ve gathered together the best life and career advice from our favourite female beauty bosses. 

Get ready to be inspired…

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Emily Weiss, Founder of Glossier and Into The Gloss

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Emily said when starting a business ” you really have to have a strong point of view and a differentiated idea.”

“[It has to be strong enough] to make someone understand, particularly a room full of men, who aren’t necessarily beauty consumers, understand something that is foreign to them and understand why something like Glossier is different than what is out there.” She also revealed her favourite quote: ‘In the end you will discover it was never random.’ “I think that’s another nice way of saying, everything happens for a reason. Your destiny will reveal itself and it’s a roller coaster and you just have to ride it.”

More recently, Emily spoke to Vogue about how her advice to budding entrepreneurs has changed as we near the end of the pandemic. “Everything has changed so much – even what is important to people and how they want to prioritise their time has shifted. It’s no longer about grinding it out at all costs, or about desire – it’s about purpose.”

Despite being valued at $1.8 billion in July 2021, Emily’s greatest moments haven’t been attached to the numbers but rather to the impact she’s made on people’s lives. “If I was to give advice around entrepreneurship now, I’d say make sure there’s a real purpose behind what it is that you’re working on. And make sure you stay really focused and connected on that purpose, and find people around you who are genuinely excited about that purpose.”

Huda Kattan, Founder of Huda Beauty

Through her rise to Internet fame and becoming a beauty mogul, Huda says the biggest lesson she’s learned is, “Not to be confined by your own limitations. That is the biggest hurdle holding people back.”

When it comes to business she also cited the importance of a good support system. “You need a team who really, truly believes that the impossible is possible, and will do everything in their power to make those things happen,” she told USA Today.


Indie Lee, Founder of Indie Lee Skincare

“Always believe in yourself and what you are creating. There will be ups and downs, but don’t let a few closed doors derail you from following your dreams,” says Indie, who overcame a rare brain tumour before launching her brand.

“Being an entrepreneur is a lot of late nights and long hours, but again if you love what you do, those times evolve from difficult moments into rewarding lessons. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Knowing what you don’t know and asking others to help can be a superpower.”

Tata Harper, Founder of Tata Harper Skin Care

“Truly think about making a product that helps people live better lives, instead of making more of the same,” says Tata, whose natural beauty brand has gone from strength to strength over the last decade.

“Always think about how your work and contribution will make the world a better place. Always seek answers and be curious and care about bettering the lives of others with what you make.”

Zanna Roberts Rassi, Co-founder of MILK Makeup

Zanna Roberts Rassi has had one of the most enviable careers, from beauty editor, to E! presenter and now founder of MILK Makeup.

Speaking to Who What Wear on the biggest obstacle to overcome, she said: “I had to get over my fear of speaking up. I realised there was a reason I had a seat at that big table. I learned the hard way that if you don’t speak up, someone else will. Or worse, they will take your idea as their own.”

Zoe Foster Blake, Author and Founder of Go-To

The Mecca Memo asked Zoe what life advice she wants to instil in her children. And what’s good enough for Sonny and Rudy, is good enough for us:

“You are enough. Also: What you think about, you bring about.”

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

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  1. I don't celebrate any named day. Just today. Every today. As a kid and a teen remember making and buying gifts for my mom for 8th of March (miracle woman, powerhouse and a creator of literally everything, a Goddess) all until she was gone.

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