The beauty benefits of Kakadu plum


As a lover of all things beauty, you’re probably clued up on the latest ‘it’ ingredients. With luscious natural oils like jojoba and rosehip found in thousands of beauty products today, you’ll know that some of the most effective ingredients come from natural sources.

One natural ingredient that’s grabbed our attention is the humble Kakadu plum for its brightening, nourishing and protecting benefits. The best bit? It’s an Aussie native.

What is Kakadu plum?

The Kakadu plum is a fruit native to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. It contains the highest concentration of vitamin C of any food on earth. If you thought blueberries and oranges packed an antioxidant punch (which they do), Kakadu plum clocks in at approximately 100 times their vitamin C concentration!

How does Kakadu plum benefit skin?

The fruit is bursting with trace minerals and antioxidants like vitamin E, zinc, iron, folate, lutein and, of course, vitamin C, which are all super beneficial for skin health. They can help to ward off premature ageing by fighting damaging free radicals, and by nourishing the skin, they reduce the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

The vitamin C in Kakadu plum is also excellent at naturally brightening and illuminating the skin for a more radiant complexion. It can lighten those pesky dark spots and pigmentation.

As serums are packed with active ingredients, try incorporating one that features a decent concentration of Kakadu plum into your skincare routine. For bonus beauty points (and to put a brighter face forward), use a dark spot treatment, too.

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How does Kakadu plum help hair?

It’s isn’t just skin that laps up Kakadu plum – your hair can also get in on the nourishing and protecting action! The fruit has the ability to provide free radical protection for your mane, which in turn can help to improve the health of your scalp and save your strands from environmental damage. Win!

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Did you know the many benefits of Kakadu plum? Have you tried beauty products containing the fruit?

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