Scrumptious skincare

Scrumptious skincare

I love meringues. And I love beauty. So you’ll forgive me for thinking that I have the best job in the world.

On Wednesday, a handful of beauty editors and I met at a beautiful seaside restaurant for a personal meringue lesson courtesy of head chef, Serge Dansereau. The reason for such a decadent cooking class? The launch of Model Co’s new tanning extraordinaire Body Meringue Bronze Glow.

As we learnt the key points to a perfect pav (lots of air and a cool oven) and took in the “fabulous four” factors of Body Meringue – it’s an instant tanner, gradual tanner, bronzer and cellulite buster in one – it got me thinking of the close alignment between beauty and food.

There are many gorgeous gourmet offerings that brands tempt us with like Vani-T Chocolate Fondue Mudd Masque, St. Ives Swiss Vanilla Body Wash and Endota Spa Fig ‘n Sugar Cleanser to name but a few.

But there’s also the deeper issue of what we put into our body affecting what we get out of it, energy wise and skin wise. We’ve long heard of the benefits of omega 3, but did you know that honey has great anti-bacterial properties? Similarly, if we want good skin we should eat at least two handfuls of leafy greens a day, according to nutritionist Karen Fischer. And how about the new research that shows dairy, not chocolate, could be the cause of spots?

It certainly makes you think more carefully about what passes your lips. But one thing’s for sure…I’m more than happy to drench myself in honey, inside and out. All in the name of good skin of course.

What’s your foodie indulgence for the skin?

The Healthy Skin Diet by Karen Fischer, $36.95, is out in July

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