Willy Wonka’s little workers

Willy Wonka’s little workers

Dear tanorexic celebrities,
You have oodles and oodles of money at your disposal. Please consider using some of your hard-earned cash on a spray tan that won’t leave you looking like an oompah loompah. No one thinks you look good and you’re scaring the children.
Everyone who has to look at your pictures.

Sure, we can give these celebs a pat on the back for staying out of the sun and getting a tan the healthy way, but we simply can’t condone such irresponsible self-tanning behaviour. Tans are meant to look warm, golden, and natural. Not orange, patchy, and resembling a skin disorder.

So we bring you our top celebrity oompah loopahs, in the vain hope that this name and shame will set them on the path of good, natural-looking tans…

It’s not only tanning that celebs get wrong…

Check out thse celebrity beauty mistakes. Prepare to be scared!…

Which celebrity do you think is the worst fake tanner?

Lindsay Lohan

Linds is certainly the leader of the pack when it comes to faux glows gone wrong. If she’s not patchy, she’s orange. And sometimes she’s both. Embrace the pale, Linds!

Amanda Bynes

Apparently no one taught Amanda that she should tan her entire body. White on the top, orange on the bottom doesn’t quite work.

The entire cast of ‘Jersey Shore’

We know that tanning is very high on their priority list, but sometimes their house seriously looks like Willy Wonka’s factory, especially when Snooki’s around.

Donald Trump

The billionaire businessman tries to hold onto his youth by giving his skin a bit of colour. We think he just looks downright scary.

Jenna Jameson

The porn star sure knows how to work a figure-hugging number. Too bad it’s only accentuating her orange skin.

Best: Lily Allen finds happiness

Lily married sweetheart, Sam Cooper, and after suffering two miscarriages, gave birth to a baby girl. Yay!

Katie Price

Katie Price is almost as well known for her fake tan as she is for her OTT make-up and, um, buxom chest.

Peter Andre

Not to be outdone by his ex, Peter makes sure to keep his skin a glowing shade of orange. Any one else think he’d fit in quite nicely in the ‘Jersey Shore’ house?

Audrina Patridge

Though she’s from California, she ain’t sporting a natural Californian tan. It’s all from a bottle, baby.

Tom Jones

It’s completely unusual for a man to look this orange. It’s more unusual if he thinks it looks natural…

Tara Reid

Though Tara’s looking a little less haggard than usual, her fake tan is looking as disastrous as ever. Baby steps, we guess.

Worst: Christina’s wild child ways

Xtina’s had a pretty bad year – she got divorced, ruined the national anthem at the Superbowl, and was arrested for public intoxication.

Zac Efron

A mini Zac Efron was quite heavy handed with self-tan, especially on that face of his. Thankfully he’s looking a little less orange these days.

Brooke Hogan

We know that Brooke Hogan is trying to make her own name in Hollywood, but if she keeps up this look, she’ll be known for all the wrong reasons.

Worst: Amy Childs’ reverse panda eye

When will celebrities learn that white powder and flashes don’t mix? At least the ‘TOWIE’ star is in good company (we’re looking at you Nic Kidman).

Valentino Garavini

Put an oompa loompa in a suit and you get one wildly famous fashion designer.

Jessica Simpson

This wasn’t one of Jess’ better looks. We love her curves, but hate what those high-waisted pants are doing to her stomach.

Bradley Cooper

We’re guessing Brad applied his face tan before he shaved. Or did he think no one would notice the tan line?

AnnaLynne McCord

The ‘90210’ star applied a touch too much tan on her legs. We guess if we were wearing a skirt that short we’d want to make sure our legs weren’t pasty either.

Hugh Jackman

Well…at least we’re impressed Hugh didn’t stop at his beard line…

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