Try this back-to-front camouflage technique the next time you have a blemish


Often coming to us live from her bathroom at home in Los Angeles, makeup artist Nikki DeRoest is using her time in lockdown to share the savvy makeup secrets she’s been using on celebrities for years.

Her latest savvy trick?  A back-to-front technique which she describes as “game changing for spot treating”. And true to her signature style of fresh, glowing skin – this technique will disguise any blemishes while leaving you dewy and radiant.

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After prepping her skin with moisturiser and an SPF, Nikki enthusiastically introduces us to her pimple, which has kindly popped up on her face just so she can take us through a cover up tutorial.

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Image credit: @nikkideroest

After using a sulphur spot cream overnight to “reduce redness,” she then goes in with a liquid illuminator around the cheeks and eyes, “just because you have a zit doesn’t mean you don’t want to have glowing skin. You want even more glowing skin to take attention away,” she explained.

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After blending in what she refers to as a “glow cream”, Nikki applies the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, which she recommends for its non-comedogenic properties, “there are no pore cloggers in the product so it’s safe to use on sensitive skin or if you are acne-prone”.

Moving on to contour and bronze her cheeks, we begin to wonder if Nikki realises she has missed the reason we are all gathered at her IGTV – to watch her conceal her pimple.

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And just as if she has read our minds, “now are you thinking what i’m thinking, why did you do your cheeks, you forgot you still have a zit, that was on purpose, because I knew in doing my cheeks and doing my sculpt I would brush over the blemish”.

Approaching the pimple, Nikki takes the “tiniest little brush” (in this case it is the Chanel Eye Contouring Brush $56, Chanel) but she explains “anything will work”. “I want to save the blemish for last so I can pin point conceal it and get it perfectly covered”. In a gentle tapping motion she touches up the spot with a concealer until it is “virtually invisible”. 

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The biggest takeaways? “Keep your skin fresh, glowing, light reflecting, and do everything on your makeup application as normal and save the blemish for the end.” But most importantly, “don’t be too hard on yourself because we all get them”.

Watch the full video here

Main image credit: @nikkideroest

Have you ever tried this technique? If not, will you?

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  1. I love her advice. I’m sure I’ll be needing it soon with masks becoming the norm and I can feel my skin around my chin suffering because of all the moisture getting trapped under my mask.

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