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Do you suffer from angry, irritated skin that’s calling out for some soothing?
Perhaps your sensitive skin is sick and tired of being subjected to aggravating skin care products? Or maybe you just want to find a product that’s gentle and calming, yet effective in cleansing and hydrating your face.

Well, no matter what your issue may be, we have just the thing for you.

It’s the brand new Ultra Calming range from Aveeno® Active Naturals, and it’s the revolutionary solution to your sensitive, irritated, or dry skin woes. Featuring extracts of feverfew (a natural ingredient related to chamomile and known for its soothing properties), the range of products work to effectively calm red, irritated skin, leaving you with a soothed, comfortable complexion.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what the Trial Team had to say…

Aveeno® Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturiser SPF15

“I tested this product as part of the Trial Team. The price of the product is on par with other products of its type and is value for money. Packed in plastic with a pump, I found it eliminates waste and travels well.
The product claims to reduce redness and much to my surprise I found that it did. I had a redness reduction of at least 50%. Additionally I had no irritation problems with it either which is quite unusual for me as the moisturiser contains sun screen and my skin generally reacts to most sun screens.” Rating: 4/5 – Kyliespicer

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Aveeno® Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser

“This cleanser comes in an easy to dispense pump. The cleanser foams up to a light frothy foam when dispensed.
You massage this into damp skin and the foamy froth lightly lathers for an ultra gentle cleanse that felt calming to my skin. After cleansing my skin felt clean, soft and calm.
I love to use this cleanser first thing in the morning to give my skin a light, fresh and clean pick me up.
This Aveeno range is well priced and a fantastic range to use if you have sensitive skin. I’d certainly use this product again would highly recommend to others to try :)” Rating: 5/5 – Beauty Obsession

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Aveeno® Ultra-Calming Moisturising Cream Cleanser

“A massive thankyou to BH first of all for letting me trial three Aveeno Ultra Calming products. I liked the packaging; it was classic and simple, with neutral, earthy tones. This product had a slight smell of sunscreen but it wasn’t bad or overpowering. It was incredibly gentle on the skin and did help to settle the redness.  All you need to do is to massage it gently on the skin to see results! Because it is so gentle I feel confident and comfortable using this product and recommending it to others.” Rating: 5/5 – dancr

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What is your solution for irritated, angry skin?

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