Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Range Trial Team

Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Range Trial Team


A panel of women seeking to improve the health and hydration of brittle hair. 

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Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo

Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner

Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment


We say:

Aveda creates botanically-based skin, body and hair products, using natural ingredients of the highest quality to nurture, protect, moisturise and nourish the skin and hair.

The Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo luxuriously cleanses while helping to strengthen and repair hair. Gently removing excess oil, product build-up and pollution, the 94 per cent naturally derived formula will leave hair feeling luscious and clean.

Trial Team members saw a noticeable improvement in the quality of their hair after just one wash. Oily roots were left feeling nourished, silky and clean, which meant those members who typically had to wash their hair every second day could extend this out by an extra three to four days before it started to look dirty.

Members were relieved to discover that a little goes a long way, meaning they’d get plenty of washes out of just one bottle. Plus, the shampoo was praised for lathering quickly and rinsing easily, while the botanical-rich ingredients in the ‘pure-fume’ left a delicious, fresh scent that lingered for several days.

Several members noticed a reduction in hair breakage after only a few weeks, and these encouraging results meant the majority of Trial Team members would continue to use this product after the trial had concluded.

The Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioneris formulated with 98 per cent naturally derived ingredients to instantly nourish and detangle damaged hair, leaving thicker, shinier and healthier locks.

Members’ first impressions were of the lightweight and fast-absorbing consistency of the conditioner, which left dry hair intensely hydrated. They noted it as a pleasant surprise in comparison to competing products, which members said typically left their hair feeling heavy and weighed down.

Trial Team members noted the pleasant botanical smell, which they said subtly lingered without being overpowering. 

Frizz appeared to be a thing of the past and even after several humid days, members were impressed to report the conditioner helped to keep their flyaways in check and their hair remained luscious and bouncy between washes.

The Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment is a 99 per cent naturally derived formula that works to repair, prevent and protect against damage while building hair bonds at the core. It promises a reduction in breakage after just one use and protection against heat up to 230°C.

Members described using the leave-in treatment as a luxurious experience that mimicked their time at the salon. The refreshing and luxurious scent immediately implied that this hair treatment was of beautiful quality, while the results of glossy, healthy and thick hair only further cemented what a wonderful product Aveda had created. 

Trial Team members that described their hair as being ‘prone to frizz’ were thrilled with the sleek, salon-quality results of their post-treatment blow-dry, which for some lasted up to five days.

Particular praise was given to the added heat-protecting benefits of this leave-in treatment, as it meant members were able to minimise the products they were using in their haircare routine. Plus, a significant reduction in hair breakage was visible from only the first few uses.

Several members noted this product as being their standout favourite of the three in trial and most voiced that they would continue incorporating this treatment into their routine moving forward.

    *The star rating for Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo and Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner is based on 19 reviews and is accurate as of 29/04/2021.*The star rating for  Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment is based on 20 reviews and is accurate as of 29/04/2021.*Stats are based on a survey of  20 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

    The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Aveda for the purpose of trial and review.

    All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

    You say:

    Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening shampoo

    “The shampoo itself does the job of cleaning well and takes away all the product build up nicely. I oil my hair weekly and it does a good job of rinsing the oil well too which is a plus for me. I did notice that the hair breakage has reduced since using this product however its not significant as I have only used it for a few weeks however the results look promising.” – neha.gamine,read more reviews here…

    “So this I love! It’s my favourite product in this range.  I didn’t need much of this one to feel like it was distributed through all of my hair and although it foamed up as I was washing my hair didn’t feel stripped or squeaky afterwards which I hate! My hair is coarse and frizzy but I felt like this shampoo tamed a lot of that. It smells fresh but not overpowering or lingering and rinsed out well.” – Belindarellaread more reviews here…

    Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening conditioner

    “The conditioner is just lovely and nourishes my hair so well, ignited life when my hair looks dry and lifeless. Paired with the shampoo, it’s a powerful duo giving my hair oomph and nourishment.” – Yvette Roseread more reviews…

    “The smell and consistency of conditioner was great, the size of the product was perfect for just my ends as i never need to condition my roots or higher. I would happily pay the price of this product as the results spoke for themselves.
    Brushing my hair was easy but the silky, gloss left on my hair after the conditioner was definately noticeable.” read more reviews…

    Aveda botanical repair™ strengthening leave-in treatment

    “This product is the crowning glory in the Aveda Botanical Repair range. This treatment has a lovely light scent and also feels light-weight, so hair doesn’t feel weighted down or like you’ve got too many products in it. My shoulder-length hair only needed a small amount for coverage. I noticed that the treatment added to my hair feeling hydrated after the shampoo and conditioner. I LOVE that it also acts as a heat protectant so there is no need to use an additional product.” – honeypjercy,  read more reviews here…

    ” I love how it helps de-frizz my hair and makes brushing super easy. I haven’t noticed any repairing of the damaged hair strands yet but I can say that because it makes brushing easy, there is less hair breakage and my hair don’t seem frizzy either.” – neha.gamineread more reviews here…

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    1. Mixed reviews but was interesting that those with oily roots got an extra couple of days between washes as I have dry ends and oily roots and have yet to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner.

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