How to create the best at-home spa treatment

How to create the best at-home spa treatment

At bh, DIY beauty is immensely popular – you only have to look in our forum section to see how much our members love treating themselves to a face mask, hair treatment or even a full-blown mani-pedi when time permits!

In the mood for a little indulgence? These tips and tricks will take your at-home spa treatment to the #nextlevel…

1. Prep like a pro

A big reason why salon treatments feel so darn fabulous is because of the pomp and ceremony that goes into the experience. Your everyday beauty staples ain’t going to cut it – for a truly deluxe at-home spa set-up, consider these added extras:

Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, also recommends you “download and chill out to a few ‘tranquil spa sounds’ during your DIY treatment”. *Cue Spotify playlist*

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2. Ditch your phone

Professional spas usually require you to leave your phone in a locker, or at the very least in the corner of the room (away from the treatment table), so your at-home spa should be no different. If you can’t bear to turn your phone off, set it to silent and pop it in one of your bathroom drawers, to prevent checking it unnecessarily. This way, you’ll be able to focus on the important task at hand: treating yourself!

3. Soak up some steam

For a lot of people, the best part of a professional facial is the steaming machine. Nothing opens up your pores and lets your skin breathe quite like it, but did you know you can create a similar effect at home? Simply fill a large, heat-proof bowl with hot water, carefully position your head over it, then cover your head and the bowl together with a towel to keep the steam in. Want to take it to another level? Add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil, a Lush Dream Steam Tab or some herbs from the garden to the water before you start steaming.

According to Emma, steamed towels are also often used in professional treatments “to remove products such as cleansers, exfoliants and masks.” For a DIY take, simply “soak a small hand towel in water and a few drops of essential oils” (Emma recommends rose, chamomile or lavender), then wring the towel out and pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. “Alternatively just soak it in very hot water and wring”, then use it to gently wipe your entire face and neck.

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4. Repurpose your foundation brush

We know it feels amazing having a professional apply your face mask, but it turns out you can get the same fancy feeling from the comfort of your own bathroom! Instead of using your fingers, Emma recommends using a “clean foundation/blusher brush” to apply your face mask perfectly over your face. You’ll not only experience the lovely, cooling sensation of the brush gliding over your skin, you’ll also get a really even product application. bh loves: Eco Tools Foundation Brush and The Body Shop Foundation Brush.

5. Invest in some gadgets

The best salons and spas are often equipped with marvellous machines and gadgets, but don’t be intimidated – many of them have been adapted for home use (and work just as well as the real thing!). Some of these devices don’t come cheap, but remember, you’ll be able to use them over and over again. Give your bod the tech treatment from top to toe:

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6. Use salon-only products

The mish-mash of products in your cupboard is fine for everyday use, but for an at-home spa experience that’s close to the real thing, consider giving salon products pride of place. Not only will they look and smell #amazing when layered together, they’re also formulated to work together for optimum results. Also sell skin care starter packs featuring products they use, which you can often pick up for less than the cost of a full-blown facial. Try asap essential 6 pack+ or Alexami Basic Skincare Pack ($99.00,

If DIY is more your thing, consider making a refreshing skin mist. Emma’s quick recipe is a no-brainer: Simply “make a herbal tea, cool it in the fridge then add to a spritz bottle and spray over the skin for a calming and refreshing skin mist.”

7. Try a simple self-massage

Not particularly keen on giving yourself a massage? Skip the aching arms and try using a handheld massager such as HoMedics Palm Percussion Handheld Massager (sounds like heaven, amirite?!), or use a body oil that’s formulated to enhance muscle relaxation while stimulating the senses, such as Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil. Alternatively a manual face massage is surprisingly easy to perform. Check out bh’s Rosie’s [insert article] to learn how.

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8. The finishing touch

For a truly terrific at-home spa experience, you’ll need a luxurious sitting area to retire to post-treatment. Set up a similar space in your lounge room to one you might find at the salon, complete with cushions, herbal tea (bh recommends Aveda 100% Certified Organic Comforting Tea Bags) or detox water and an aroma diffuser (try Aromaxioma Rainbow). Then all that’s left to do is recline in your little retreat to your heart’s content. Oh, and no phone allowed for at least 20 more minutes!

Do you indulge in any at-home spa treatments? Do you have any other home spa ideas or advice?

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