Try an at-home facial this long weekend

Try an at-home facial this long weekend

The long weekend is officially upon us, and for we could not be more ready. Whilst some people are set to make the most of the three day break thanks to their jam-packed social calendars, skincare junkies like us are just looking forward to some good self-care sessions. It’s a luxury to not have to rush your regime in a bid to get out the door, and we’re gearing up to take full advantage of that this weekend. To be specific, we’re definitely dedicating a day to a DIY facial. Put on your PJs and have hot towels at the ready – the at-home spa is now in session.

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Just like your favourite facialist would, it’s important to start with a thorough cleanse. Our advice? Double up. Start with a foaming formula for a deep clean, then follow with a cream cleanser to soften, smooth and remove any remaining impurities. Make sure your hair is tied back from your face, so you can effectively access often-neglected areas such as around your hairline and behind your ears, and don’t forget to focus on areas where congestion occurs most: your t-zone, chin and jaw.

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bh loves: Goodness Superfood Skincare Every Day Cream Cleanser

Now that your skin is squeaky clean, it’s exfoliation time. By gently removing the outer layer of dead skin, your complexion will look brighter, smoother and fresher, plus, clearing your canvas allows for deeper product penetration. Remember, as your facial aesthetician would tell you, an exfoliation doesn’t have to be abrasive to be effective; a gentle fruit peel is perfect for refreshing without triggering sensitivity.

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Relax and detox all at once with a DIY facial steam, amazing for drawing out dirt, oil and debris from your pores. Boil some water and add it to a bowl with your favourite facial steam mix, then drape a towel over your head and the bowl so steam has no other place to escape. Keep your face at least 10-25 centimetres away from the boiling water, and stay put for about five minutes to let the steam work its magic. Tempted by tech? This facial steamer makes the process a serious cinch.

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bh loves: Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial Sauna

If banishing blackheads is at the top of your skincare to-do list, the steam will have softened any blackheads, making it easier for the sebum to release, so now is the time. To properly extract, try this tool – just place the loop over the blackhead and press gently. If it’s not emerging easily, use the sharp end of the remover to gently scrape skin away from the blackhead and repeat the loop process. Fingers also work well – it’s all in the technique. Don’t place them too close to the blackhead – by allowing a little more room around the blemish, you can extract easier from the deeper level within your complexion. Whilst you’re gently applying pressure around the blackhead, rotate your fingers as you squeeze to avoid pushing too hard on just one area, as this can cause scarring – alternating between pressing  from each side, and from above and below should do the trick. And please, we beg of you, don’t squeeze with your nails.

bh loves: Revlon Blackhead Remover

Once your skin is clear and clean, you’re ready for a mask. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your face, so multi-masking is a great option for simultaneously solving skin issues in one sitting. It all depends on your skin type, but as a general rule, a purifying clay formula applied to your t-zone should balance and detoxify and a moisturising mask applied across your cheeks and chin will hydrate and nourish. Leave on for the recommended time specified on the product (usually around fifteen or twenty minutes, aka the perfect window for an episode of Friends), then remove with a hot, damp towel for the full spa treatment – clay masks may require a trip to the sink, but if you stay in your slippers, the illusion of luxury should stay intact.

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To avoid over-drying your newly refreshed complexion, opt for a hydrating mist toner. This step will banish bacteria, soothe the skin and  help to close your pores after your steam.

bh loves: Blessed by Nature Hydrating Facial Mist Toner

Lock in your handiwork with a hydrator. A soothing, light moisturiser is perfect for topping off your treatment and helping your complexion hold onto the dewy, plump glow that dreamy facials gift us.

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Facial massage is definitely half the reason spa-treatments are so amazing, so hone your at-home tool technique for ultimate relaxation and results. It feels great, yes, but facial massage is no fad – it boosts circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and ensures that all your products penetrate deeply. A few minutes after you’ve applied your moisturiser, work a cooling roller over your skin to decrease puffiness and ensure absorption – it’s the perfect way to finish a facial.

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What are your favourite self-care regimes? How are you planning on relaxing this weekend?

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  1. I’ve been dying to do a full routine like this. I love the idea of the triple cleanse.
    I have a face steamer given to me as a present sitting in the cupboard (guilty!) I use a rose quartz face roller everyday and it’s always part of my self care routine. My face feels so much lighter afterwards.

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