Anti-spot systems

Anti-spot systems

Tried everything under the sun to blitz your zits but with no luck? Spot checks only do half the job; to really keep a pimple-prone complexion under control, you need a multi-pronged plan…

The natural way

The regime:Aveda Outer Peace Blemish Relief
The plan: Kill your spots with kindness. This routine uses salicylic acid derived from wintergreen oil and Ayurvedic plant extracts to avoid stressing the skin as it heals. The gentle, soothing products also feature lemon and tea tree essential oils to purify the skin and calm the senses.

The steps:
1.Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser, $49.95
This mild cleanser penetrates deep to dislodge excess oil, make-up and other potential pore-cloggers. Natural tamanu oil and oat work together to soothe angry spots while antioxidants from ambla and saw palmetto berries promote general skin health.

2.Outer Peace Blemish Relief Pads, $59.95
While salicylic acid exfoliates dead cells and debris to discourage blackheads, the saw palmetto in these pads helps control sebum levels and reduce surface shine.

3.Outer Peace Spot Relief, $59.95
This spot treatment can be applied on stubborn spots up to three times daily. Tamanu oil and an extract of tree resin called boswellia serrata help soothe irritation and prevent over-drying as salicylic acid sets to work on clearing stubborn spots.

4. In-salon support
Results of your at-home Outer Peace plan can be boosted with exfoliation treatments at Aveda spas. Aveda recommends three professional treatments within the first six weeks. Call 1300 300 054 to find an Aveda spa near you.

Time trial: Some improvement can be expected in four weeks
Pros: Outer Peace is ideal if you’re into natural skincare or sensitive to chemicals
Cons: You still need to add a moisturiser to the routine (Outer Peace Blemish Relief Lotion isn’t due to hit shelves until early 2008)

Clinical care

The regime:Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System
The plan: Purify pores twice per day. Aiming to stop spots before they begin, this programme combines oil control and exfoliation to keep pores crystal clear. Importantly, the regime isn’t just about banishing blemishes, it’s about caring for the whole complexion and avoiding irritation.

The steps:
1.Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam, $36
Suitable for all skin types that suffer with spots, this twice-daily foam cleanses pores while breaking down dead surface cells with salicylic acid. Marine ingredients sea whip and laminaria saccharina from seaweed work to control redness and oil production.

2.Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion, $42
Like a liquid exfoliant, this refreshing formula blends witch hazel  with salicylic acid and denatured alcohol to sweep away flakes and leave you feeling zingingly clean. Purifying without causing that tight, dry feeling, it preps the skin for the final step in the treatment process.

3.Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturiser, $39
Moisturising and mattifying the skin, this lightweight, oil-free formula features salicyclic acid to continually clear pores, algae and oat to soothe and witch hazel to keep shine at bay. Even after you’ve banished your initial blemishes, this gel-feel lotion is great for ongoing maintenance.

Time trial: With diligent and consistent use, skin can look and feel better in five weeks
Pros: You can investigate what others think before you invest at and trial the system with a starter kit for $67
Cons: The starter kit doesn’t include a spot treatment for dealing with breakouts, though you can purchase a Clear Blemish Gel separately for $32

Doctor’s orders

The regime: Environ Skincare B-Active
The plan:  Follow the doctor’s orders. Formulated by skincare specialist Dr Des Fernandes, this routine uses tea tree oil and a low dose of vitamin A to purify, balance and improve the condition of acne-prone skin. Five steps might seem like a lot, but Dr Fernanades’ research says they are all in the right direction.

The steps:
1.Beta-Active Sebuwash, $37
With purifying tea tree oil and salicyclic acid plus an ingredient to absorb excess oil, this low-foaming gel cleanses thoroughly without stripping the skin of protective oils.

2.Beta-Active Sebutone, $37
Containing tea tree oil to purify, natural lactic acid to lower skin pH plus a gentle shot of alcohol to degrease oily skin, this toner helps clarify the complexion and, most importantly, prepare it to receive maximum benefit from the products to follow.

3.Beta-Active Sebugel-A, $37
This lightweight gel combines a gentle dose of vitamin A with tea tree oil, colostrum and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5). Working to soothe problem skin while reducing sebum production and encouraging regeneration, it is both a moisturising agent and a treatment.

4.Beta-Active Sebuspot, $37
Designed for use on individual breakouts, this redness-reducing and clearing gel features antibacterial tea tree plus acnacidol, an ingredient that regulates sebum output.

5.Beta-Active Sebumask, $37
A kaolin-based mask to draw impurities from oily skin and help balance oil levels while providing necessary moisture, this mask also gently exfoliates to refine skin texture.

Time trial: Initial results can be seen within weeks and will improve significantly over months
Pros: The system has been designed by a world leader in skin research
Cons: Most of the formulas need to be used within six to eight weeks of opening and all those lots of $37 can really add up

 – Tracey Withers

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