The natural way to prevent wrinkles


There comes a time in every woman’s life where she notices her very first wrinkle. Whether it’s an expression line that’s settling in on your forehead or the first sign of crow’s feet forming, that tiny line is an indication that you are, in fact, getting older.

The reality is that ageing is a part of life, and we’re all for ageing gracefully here at beautyheaven! 

But if you’re keen to prevent the signs of ageing from showing too soon, there is a whole world of products out there that can help keep our complexions looking as youthful as possible as the years pass on by.

But even for the most seasoned beauty enthusiast, sifting through the hundreds of anti-ageing products out there to find the perfect one can be a hard task. From products containing retinol, and alpha hydroxy acids, and peptides, choosing just one anti-ageing product in the hope that it’ll work for you is not only intimidating, but can also be expensive.

The geniuses behind Anti-Ageing Pillows have a solution to the never-ending hunt to stopping the clock on your skin. The best bit? It doesn’t require a bathroom cupboard full of products, just a simple pillow that works while you sleep.

It’s been revealed that years of sleeping with the side of your face on your pillow can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on your cheeks, forehead and around your eyes. And what’s the culprit? The creases in your pillowcase, that’s what!

Anti-Ageing Pillows has created two ergonomically designed pillows that use the latest technology to gives a more comfortable and relaxing sleep, as well as,prevent those pesky sleep marks.

Filled with supportive memory foam, the pillows continually bounce back into their original shape, leaving no creases in the pillow that could cause sleep marks.

The Summer Azure pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers and The Painted Lady pillow is for back sleepers, so you can rest easy knowing that your head, neck and face are given all of the support they need for a comfortable, wrinkle-free night’s sleep.

As an added bonus, both pillows feature anti-ageing pads to cool the face and keep it at an ideal sleeping temperature of 18 to 25 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for women going through menopause. 

To make you’re mission to younger skin a little easier on the purse strings, as a special offer this Christmas, Anti-Ageing Pillow is dropping the price of their pillows from $150 to just $99! Available from December 1 2014 at

Do you ever wake up with sleep wrinkles? Would you like to try an Anti-Ageing Pillow?

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