Anti-ageing make-up tips for maturing skin

Anti-ageing make-up tips for maturing skin

Oh, look! It’s Dharma. You know, from that glorious and utterly hilarious show Dharma and Greg? Well, that isn’t her actually name, obviously, but she’ll always be Dharma to me…

Anyhoo. Let’s take a closer look at Ms Jenna Elfman. (That’s her real name, I swear.) Or, more specifically, let’s take a look at her make-up. And her hair. Both are doing fabulous things for her face, and making her look around a decade younger than her actual age of 41. Yes, I do not lie – she is indeed 41. So let’s steal her youthful make-up tips, shall we?

A lot of eye make-up (colourful or not) on an ageing eye area can add years to a lady’s life. Jenna has clearly wised-up to this notion, as she’s opted for a) a subtle wash of peachy taupe eyeshadow only, which actually brightens the eye area and makes it look more youthful, and b) black eyeliner that has been applied to the outer edge of her eye only, so she’s adding definition without making her eyes appear closed. Those fluttery long lashes were also a wise idea as they open up the eye area and detract from a sagging eyelid, and her thick, well-groomed eyebrows offer an instant eyelift thanks to their face-framing abilities. She’s got it nailed, basically.

Although subtle, Jenna’s raspberry lip gloss is a wonderful colour choice for all ages. It enhances the natural lip colour ever so slightly, while also adding warmth to the skin. And in Jenna’s case, it also highlights her frock and earrings, making her face look even more alive and healthy.

Matte, cakey foundations are not good on ageing skins. Dewy, sheer foundations are. Why? Not only do they boost the skin’s natural glow, but they also make the skin appear more hydrated and healthy, and are less likely to sink into fine lines. If you’re over 40 and not currently using one, try these absolute gems, all of which have been tried, tested and absolutely adored by many an ageing-concerned woman: YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat, Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, or Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

See those sweeping layers covering the right side of Jenna’s face? Just like our beloved friend the blunt fringe, they’re an ingenious way of hiding unwanted crow’s feet and forehead lines. Sneaky, huh? They also sharpen Jenna’s jawline, reducing the appearance of sagging chin. Very nifty indeed. Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself, you’ll see…

Do you remember Jenna Elman from her Dharma and Greg days? Do you think she looks exceptionally good for her age? Which anti-ageing beauty tip will you be stealing from her?

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