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One myth about anti-ageing is that the older you get, the more time you need to spend on looking after your skin to keep it looking its best. This isn’t true; the secret to a good anti-ageing regime is picking the right products that work for you – the true multi-taskers of the beauty world that you can trust to do the hard work while you get on with daily life.

What can be time-consuming, though, is trying to figure out which of the many products out there are up to the task. This is why we’ve done some of your research for you and come up with a line-up of anti-ageing time-savers to battle any dilemma.

ANTI-AGEING DILEMMA #1: you need to look flawless in a flash.
So you wake up and realise that you’ve slept in past your alarm and you have to be up and out the door like five minutes ago. Can you say ‘eek’? Well you needn’t bother, because L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Total Repair BB Cream is the all-in-one, time-saving little treasure that’s going to get you looking gorgeous and out the door, stat. This wrinkle-fighting wonder cream works simultaneously as a skin-tone-evening make-up and a luscious complexion-illuminating moisturiser, allowing you less time in front of the mirror, and more time for life!

ANTI-AGEING DILEMMA #2: you want to cover your greys but don’t have time (or cash) to hit the salon.

Oh, this old chestnut. It may seem like an odd one, but once greys start showing up, they don’t slow down, and quite frankly I bet you don’t have the time or money to be hitting the salon every couple of weeks to deal with them. Who does?! Take matters into your own hands and get up close and personal with a salon quality, at-home hair colour that will cover greys and leave a vibrant, shiny mane you’ll be proud to swish around. You can give your hair an instant lift with L’Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss. Its ammonia-free formula covers up those grey hairs and leaves you with a brilliantly glossy finish.

ANTI-AGEING DILEMMA #3: You want an anti-ageing facial but don’t have time.
So you feel like you need to book yourself in for a real anti-aging treatment at a proper salon? One that you’d have to pay top dollar for and book out at least half of your day to indulge in? News flash, you needn’t go to that much trouble for an anti-aging skin pick-me-up! Don’t you know that face masks like Salubre Emergency Brilliance Instant Lift Facial Masque are equipped to do the job for you? With its combination of French clays, botanical extracts, vitamin B5, and pearl powder to help remove dead surface cells, your skin will receive a shot of youthful radiance in next to no time.

ANTI-AGEING DILEMMA #4: you want something that works while you sleep.
If you find you never have enough hours in the day to even think about looking after yourself, then you’ll probably be looking to take care of your anti-aging skin regime at night, right?
Letting your skin care goodies get to work while you’re catching a few zeds isn’t such a bad idea. Why not apply a little L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream to your complexion before you hit the pillow? The ultimate age-fighter provides rejuvenation for the skin by lifting features and redefining facial contours while stimulating the production of collagen and boosting microcirculation.

ANTI-AGEING DILEMMA #5: you want you to treat tell-tale lines around your eyes    .
Are fines lines around your peepers giving you away when it comes to your age? Never fear, they can be easily dealt with. All you need is an eye cream that packs a punch and a gentle hand in which to apply it (yanking the delicate skin can make it worse, don’t you know?). We love Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate for its ability to treat fine lines and puffiness around the eyes in one fell swoop. The inclusion of buckwheat extract helps to ensure the skin around the eyes is left looking brighter, more refined, and radiant.

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What are your quick anti-ageing tips?

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