Age is but a number

Age is but a number

60. Now when I was a mere whipper snapper, 30, let alone 60 seemed ridiculously old and more than a million, zillion years away.

Through my young and naïve eyes it was definitely the cardi and tea and tucked in bed before seven generation. It most certainly was not the age to be flashing your bra (à la Ms Westwood at London Fashion Week; Vivienne, you scandalous minx) or doing a flaming sambuca or five (as Grace Jones did during a recent interview with UK title The Sunday Times Style magazine).

Oh, how times change.

Now I don’t even bat a smoky eyelid at these, shall we say seasoned, ladies doing their thang. Why? Because when it comes to strutting their stuff, the flamboyant twosome is doing so in style – with skin better than girls a full two generations younger.

While I would love to dedicate the rest of this column to sharing the secrets to how Viv and Gracie achieve their glowing complexions – I’d definitely be storing those babies away for future reference – sadly I can’t, because the pair is a true enigma (all night tequila sessions are not generally what the skin doctor ordered). And, if I’m honest, I like them even more for being mysterious mavens.

But what I do suggest, if, like me, you want to look as good as Vivienne (she’s 67) and Grace (who’s reportedly 60) is stocking up on these beauties:
Skin Doctors Photo Age Reverse
Priori Eye Serum
Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Triple-Action Day Defence
Max Factor Age Renew Foundation
Elizabeth Arden Skincare Prevage Anti-ageing Treatment

What age reversal tricks do you swear by?

p.s. Date for your diary: January 25 sees the Australian launch of Chanel Lift Lumière – my mum’s already tried a sneak peek and swears by it. Guess I’m not getting that back then.

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