Trinny & Susannah can stay in line

Trinny & Susannah can stay in line

I’ve just discovered something new from the Kylie Minogue of Australian beauty brands. Well, that’s how I think of the homegrown Alpha-H line anyway – it’s not exactly a secret here, but overseas fans are absolutely obsessed with it. Like in London, where devotees including style gurus Trinny and Susannah would trade their left arms just to get one hand on the always-sold-out Liquid Gold formula.

So it’s especially sweet that Australian beauty addicts are getting to try Alpha-H’s new instant eye lift first.

I put the brand spanking new Alpha 75 Eye Perfector Power Patch with Liquid Gold through some extremely scientific testing in my home lab last night (ie. while watching tele, I wore it on only one eye so I could gauge the difference) and discovered something virtually unheard of. It actually lifted the fine lines around my eye. In twenty minutes. As promised. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but colour me astonished.

But then this is no normal eye patch. Fitted with a tiny battery that works to boost microcirculation and help the crinkle-smoothing solution sink in, you can feel it working immediately and see your eyes are still brighter and tighter up to 12 hours later. Really.

So call it a shameless plug, but I am just going to say it straight: if you’ve got crepey eye issues, snap up some of this. Now. Because you know what’ll happen when that Trinny and her friend Susannah get wind of it…

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