Alpha-H Skincare’s 10 Best Selling Products

Alpha-H Skincare’s 10 Best Selling Products

For home-grown talent, we turn to Alpha-H. The Alpha-H skin care story begins over 15 years ago when; suffering from a demoralising skin condition, Michelle Doherty was introduced to Alpha-H, which at the time was just a mere whippersnapper on the skin care market, consisting of just two products: Balancing Cleanser and Balancing Moisturiser. Fast forward 15 years and Doherty is Owner and Director of Alpha-H, which has over 37 retail products now in the range. Australian owned, manufactured and operated, it’s a skincare brand that’s endorsed by over 750 professional therapists, Cosmetic Physicians and Dermatologists worldwide.

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Always destined to be more than just another ‘Dr’ brand, Alpha-H was born from a desire to make a difference to ones skin, each and every day. Doherty works closely with her team of cosmetic scientists to ensure a consistently high standard and further bridge the gap between cosmetic surgery and cosmetics.

I think it would also be fair to say Michelle’s succeeded. Last year alone, seven new products were introduced to the market: Alpha75 Eye Perfector Power Patches, Pedi Care Treatment Cream, Mr and Miss H collection, Liquid Gold Daily Poly-Oxidant Complex, AlphaCeuticals Skin Renewal Vitamin Supplements, Age Delay Intensive Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment and Colour Creator.

Let’s not forget the cult classics, celeb faves and Glosscar winners: Liquid Gold Rivata Firming Solution, the innovative and exceptional resurfacing and firming lotion; Micro Cleanse with 12% Glycolic Acid, liken to “a mini facelift” according to Kylie’s UK-based make-up artist Karen Alder; and Age Delay Intensive Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment which works tirelessly through the night to promote a more youthful appearance. Not bad for a family-owned Australian business.

Yes, family really is at the heart of this much-loved brand, with all four family members joining Michelle in the business: dad Dean is General Manager, while sisters Jamee, Taryn and Libby have taken on the roles of Public Relations and Media Coordinator, Salon Support and National Trainer and Administrative Assistant respectively. Alpha-H is an Aussie skincare brand with strong family ties and more to the point; it actually works; could we ask for any more? No siree.

Have you tried Alpha-H skin care? What are your favourtie products from the range?

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