Aldi Has Released A Beauty Advent Calendar And It’s Only $30

Aldi Has Released A Beauty Advent Calendar And It’s Only $30

If there’s one brand we can always rely on to deliver affordable versions of boujee items on our lust list, it’s Aldi. And the supermarket giant has delivered yet again. 

Just as we were kissing our dreams of purchasing a beauty advent calendar goodbye (some of them are priced well over the $500 mark), Aldi has followed suit and announced the release of their very own gift set to countdown Christmas. 

The only difference between this one and all the others? The price tag. Obviously. 

Retailing for $29.99, this beauty advent calendar is easily the most affordable option going. And luckily for us, what you’ll save in price, you won’t lose in quality. 

If you’re a fan of Aldi’s Lacura Skin Science Caviar line (best known for their hugely successful $690 La Prairie dupe) then you’ll want to snag yourself one (or several) of their first-ever beauty advent calendars. 

The calendar contains 12 gifts from the in-house skin care line, including: 

1 x day cream 15ml

1 x night cream 15ml

1 x eye mousse 5ml

1 x intensive serum 15ml

1 x intensive mask 8ml

1 x overnight mask 5ml

3 x intensive day treatment ampoules 3ml

3 x intensive night treatment ampoules 3ml

As described by Aldi, “each product contains powerful anti-ageing caviar extract”. This potent (and typically incredibly expensive) active ingredient has been paired with snow algae extract to stimulate collagen synthesis and counteract the ageing process. 

And while we did love the wine advent calendar they released last year, we think we’re even more excited for 12 days of prepping and plumping our skin before Christmas Day. 

Are you excited to try Aldi’s advent calendar?

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  1. I don’t shop at Aldi because I can’t stand the no basket idea. Packing your own bags (and they scan your stuff so fast that you can’t keep up). No exit unless you wait in line to get out at a register and they never have enough check outs open.

    • I can understand it not being a nice experience for everyone. It is all for efficiency to save money. They recently got new checkouts for my local one which has a greater distance between the checkout person and the customer, therefore they start scanning items even earlier now… I could not keep up!

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