3 Things I Have Learnt From Watching Hundreds Of Pimple Popper Videos


Even though pimple popper videos are super gross, there’s something quite satisfying about watching acne being popped. Here’s what I learned from my time watching pimple popper videos.

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1.Why it’s okay for an expert to pop a pimple

Basically, it comes down to hygiene and technique. Popping pimples and acne with dirty nails and the wrong technique is a sure-fire way to spreading bacteria, which creates more breakouts. Whereas an expert, like a dermatologist, can create a sterile and hygiene set up to help prevent acne from multiplying. They can also inject corticosteroid that helps to speeds healing and reduces the risk of scarring. They also know the right time to do it to avoid scarring.

2.The best way to spot treat a pimple

Squeezing pimples not only causes bacteria to push down deeper, it can cause scarring and redness. Instead of succumbing to popping acne, spot treat it with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is designed to unclog pores and control oil production that helps clear up acne and prevent further breakouts.

3.What happens if you don’t pop a pimple

While pimple popper videos are all about zit popping, not popping a pimple is actually a smart complexion move to make. Zit popping experts in pimple popper videos know exactly how to treat acne (as we mentioned in point 1). So if you want your acne to clear up quickly, it’s best to avoid popping it and letting it naturally heal. If you leave acne alone, eventually the pimple it will disappear without leaving redness or scarring.

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