10 acne myths, debunked

10 acne myths, debunked

Those who suffer from acne will go to great lengths in the pursuit of clear skin. However, this can lead you down a slippery slope of believing everything you hear and trying any treatment you can get your hands on.

And while lots of information out there is accurate, there are a few myths about acne that need some clarification before you start mucking around with your skin.

From treatments to causes, here are 10 myths about acne, debunked!

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Acne ends after your teens

Contrary to what our 16 year-old selves would’ve hoped, acne does not end after your teen years! In fact, many women experience new types of breakouts (or even their first serious breakouts) in their mid-late 20s, especially on their body. This can be related to hormonal changes or lifestyle.

Sunscreen makes you breakout

Lather on that SPF ladies, because sunscreen can actually help acne! There are two types of sunscreen on the market: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens can irritate the skin, whereas physical sunscreens may actually help clear your breakouts. Physical sunscreens contain zinc oxide which is an active ingredient commonly used to kill bacteria on the skin. bh recommends Invisible Zinc Face + Body Sunscreen.

Sun exposure makes acne better

One of the most common acne myths is that sun exposure dries out pimples and helps keep skin clear.  And while it may initially soothe inflammation giving the appearance of clearer skin, sun exposure actually breaks down your skin’s natural collagen, leaving your pores enlarged and much more prone to blackheads.

Acne is caused by unclean skin

The myth that acne is caused by bad hygiene can lead to an unfortunate stigma for those who suffer. Acne is not caused by unclean skin, and excessive cleansing/scrubbing of acne-prone skin can actually lead to more severe breakouts and irritation. bh recommends Dermalogica MediBac Cleansing Skin Wash.


Face mapping will have the answers

A few years ago, face-mapping was all the rage. However there’s little scientific evidence to back up face-mapping and only a fraction of people can link their acne to gut health, digestion, and food intolerances. More often than not, breakouts are caused by external factors like styling products, working out (and not washing right after), and touching your face. Cystic acne is often caused by hormones.

Makeup clogs pores and makes acne worse

Growing up, how many times were we told that heavy face makeup clogs pores and enhances breakouts? Well, it turns out that acne is caused by bacteria and excess sebum production —not makeup. And some makeup, like powder foundations, can actually make acne better as it absorbs the oil that would normally sit on your face and develop bacteria! bh recommends Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation.

Chocolate causes acne

Many women believe that chocolate makes their skin worse, however experts insist this is likely because we crave chocolate during times when we’re more prone to breakouts  like during hormonal fluctuations and on our period. There is little evidence to show a link between chocolate consumption and acne. If you’re still unconvinced, opt for chocolate with less refined sugar.

Use toothpaste on a breakout

While toothpaste does contain many ingredients that can dry out acne, it also contains many ingredients that can make your skin irritated and inflamed. Instead, opt for a spot treatment that’s actually made for your skin, and not your teeth. bh recommends Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Spot Treatment.

What are some of the acne myths you’ve heard of?

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