Do light therapy masks work for acne?

Do light therapy masks work for acne?

Technology in the beauty world has moved into hyperspeed in recent years. From new and efficacious ingredients being discovered to treatments that were once only available in-clinic now available at your fingertips in pharmacies and supermarkets. One such example of this technology is light therapy masks for acne. We spoke to Keshan Gunasinghe, the Director of Beauty, Research and Development at NEUTROGENA about what the light therapy mask actually does for acne, while also looking at reviews to find out if this new technology really works.

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What is it?

As Keshan explains, “a light therapy mask is a wearable LED device that delivers red and blue light wavelengths into the skin at the speed of light to disrupt the acne cycle.” As “acne is a very common condition, that can be a daily struggle for many teenagers and adults,” an LED device means that the benefits of an effective in-clinic treatment are now available at home.

What does it do?

Utilising red light to reduce inflammation and blue light to kill bacteria, the NEUTROGENA Visibly ClearTM Light Therapy Acne Mask uses “both red and blue light simultaneously to treat acne in easy, 10-minute sessions,” says Keshan. “LED therapy works by gently penetrating the skin and targeting acne-causing bacteria…[the treatment] can lead to clearer skin with less inflammation and fewer acne lesions,” he says.

So, does it actually work?

There are a few options for at-home LED devices, however these devices seriously range in price. From the Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite Face Care Pro (which retails at $665 – find it at to the Foreo ESPADA Acne Clearing Blue Light Pen, which you can get your hands on for just under $200  – these babies don’t come cheap. However, with the success that experts have had treating acne with similar technology in-clinic, there is evidence that the use of LED devices at home has seen great results. Not so convinced? Read below what our members had to say about the NEUTROGENA Visibly ClearTM Light Therapy Acne Mask.

Here’s what some of our members have to say…

Great at home treatment

“I personally don’t have acne (I get a few pimples occasionally) but since I started using this product 5 months ago I have noticed that I have been getting less pimples [than] I normally would… Ever since I purchased this mask, I have been using it everyday in my skin care routine. It has definitely changed the way my skin looks as I have had less pimples and have also noticed that it has made my face less puffy. I used to have a really puffy under eye area and since using this light mask it has just about disappeared, my skin is not as red as normal…I think for an at home treatment it is a great product but it might not work for everyone.” – beautyheaven member MattyFX

Consistency is key

“I get Omnilux LED treatments when I go to the salon for facials/extractions/IPL so it was nice to have this product as an at home option to get my time under the lights. On the market there are lights for all needs: blue for acne and red for healing plus the rest of the spectrum (green for calming?). This mask has blue and red lights which is suited to the target market [of] acne sufferers. The mask makes you look like a storm trooper but who cares when it is so easy to use? The mask doesn’t rest on your face; it has fold out arms like your sunglasses. You press the button and then you sit/lie down for 10 minutes until the mask switches off automatically. Over time with consistent use I saw less build up of congestion; this mask is a good preventative staple for your routine. I would wash my face in the evening and then lie down with the mask for 10 mins before getting on with the rest of my beauty routine. I have also noticed that my skin feels less oily overall (I have dry skin with only some oily patches in the T-zone during some parts of the month).” – beautyheaven member Roxyprincess

Great calming spa treatment for my combo dry skin during PMS

“I use this after cleansing or after applying toner, once or twice a week. The light therapy feels warm on my skin after the 10-minute session and oddly my skin feels supple after each session. I have been using this for a span of 5 months . I do not like that you have to replace the activator because it is simply wasteful, but there are hacks on youtube on how to jack the activator so it does not stop working.

It has not been dramatic but I found that it really calms my skin during that time of the month. I am doing other treatments like fractional microneedling and peeling so I cannot solely point at what is causing the improvement.” – beautyheaven member Herikadrizzle

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