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04 Sep 2011 04:59 AM | Posted by bh's Olivia Mackinnon
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Whether it’s everyday or just that time of the month, we’re all plagued with pesky pimples and blackheads every now and then. It doesn’t matter if your skin is oily, sensitive or even ’mature’ for that matter, no one is completely exempt from the odd break out, and we know better than anyone how difficult that can be to deal with – especially when you want to look gorgeous.
The key to banishing blemishes is to abandon harsh traditional acne treatments and focus on finding an acne and breakout solution for your individual skin type. In turn helping to ensure spots don’t return and your complexion stays clear and gorgeous for longer.


If you have oily skin…

You should still use moisturising products. Yep – many people think that just because they have oily skin they don’t need to moisturise and that harsher skin care products that contain alcohol (like some toners) are the best solution to ‘dry up’ their skin. But the truth is, drying out your skin is often what can cause blemishes and blackheads in the first place, leaving you with a clogged, dull complexion to boot.

Enter NEUTROGENA® RAPID CLEAR® Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. This blackhead-clearing scrub works hard to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin without leaving it feeling too tight. The non-drying formula contains microbeads that gently sweep away dead skin cells and distribute soothing beads that release conditioner to prevent skin from over drying. The result is skin that feels clean and nourished and a shine-free complexion.


If you have sensitive skin…

Then you should be avoiding any skin care products that contain fragrance or abrasive ingredients that can irritate the skin and cause redness. Instead, stick to products that are gentle on the skin, yet effective enough to remove stubborn make-up without causing irritation. No product fits the bill better than NEUTROGENA® Extra Gentle Cleanser. Containing a non-soap formula that replenishes the skin’s moisture levels, this wonder cleanser helps to lessen the likelihood of breakouts. With no filmy residue left in sight, this rinse-off cleanser won’t clog your pores or irritate sensitive skin. Instead, it will work to calm existing aggravated skin with soothing chamomile and geranium.


If you have mature/dry skin…

Then you need a product that is hard working enough to rid your skin of pesky pimples, yet hydrating enough to ensure your face isn’t left looking tight and taut. 

Dry and mature skins normally suffer from ‘blind’ pimples (or those without a ‘white’ head) on their face as the dirt and grime tends to penetrate deeper into the pore. This is due to the fact that most people with this skin type assume that the less oily their face is, the less reason for a deep clean, and so the grime sticks around for longer, and sinks deeper into the pore. These ‘blind’ spots are also sometimes caused by hormones – but the secret to battling blemishes for this skin type up is to use a product that penetrates deep into the pore to unclog the grime before the blemish begins to form.  NEUTROGENA® Acne Stress Control™ Power Cream Wash features unique micro-clear technology that is gentle enough to use everyday to protect against spots and skin is left feeling nourished without that ‘oily’ or ‘dry’ feeling. 



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