FACT: The average human being puts their grubby little fingers on their face almost 16 times per hour. Per hour! And if you punch the numbers – yep, I’m a math whiz – this equates to nearly 384 times per day and 2,688 times per week. That’s a lot of face touching, beauties.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

The super-smart peeps at Berkley University worked out that your computer keyboard carries up to 3,300 bacteria micro-organisms per square inch, your mouse 1,700 and your beloved mobile? 25,000. And guess where they end up? Yep, on your hands and then your face. Oh, and if you’ve been playing with money, your digits are likely to be sporting some of the 6,030 micro-organisms per square inch found on our delectable currency too. Eew!

Now, because we inadvertently touch our faces so much during the day, it means we’re constantly spreading all those not-so-delicious aforementioned germs. And this, my face-touching friends, does not mean good things for maintaining clear skin.

If you’re lucky enough to be pimple-free, the germs will probably just cause a spot or two to pop up every now and again. If you’re already the owner of a few zits, touching them and your face is likely to spread these pimple germs too, resulting in more and more zits. It’s not fun.

That’s where a product like Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal‐to‐Clear Gel comes into play. This bacteria-fighting wonder provides an invisible seal over your pimple, sealing it from nasty germs for up to seven hours. So, if you simply find it too hard to keep your digits away from your face, this super-smart gel will act as a shield, keeping out any pimple-causing germs. It contains salicylic acid as well, which means it’ll help the pimple at the same time, too.

So, if you’re sporting pimples or are forever dealing with spots popping up here, there and everywhere, get this Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Seal‐to‐Clear Gel, stat. And try to keep those dirty fingers away from your face while you’re at it, too. Those germs do not belong anywhere near your face…

How often do you touch your face? And are you interested in trying a bacteria-shielding product like this one?