5 things nobody tells you about ageing


Ah, ageing. It’s just another one of those unavoidable things in life. As you become wiser, smarter and upgrade from a sack of wine to a bottle, the first signs of wrinkles and grey hairs inevitably appear. But that’s not all. As you get older you’ll become aware of other beauty issues you’d probably never even thought about. But lucky for you, we’ve heard just about all of them. And we know exactly how to beat them…

AGEING CONCERN #1 – Thinning hair

As we age our hair slowly gets thinner and loses volume. And this may not just affect the hairs on your head, your eyebrows may start to lose their bushiness, too. The thinning of hair mostly comes down to a decrease in oestrogen, cellular reproduction and blood flow – all of which happen as we age.

Fix it:

Try using hair-thickening products like Aveda Invati™ Scalp Revitalizer and Head of Hair High Nutrient Scalp Spray, as they will help to energise the scalp for better hair growth, while delivering nutrients to the hair follicles. When it comes to your brows, prevention is best so don’t overpluck! You can also try a brow growth treatment like Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum.

AGEING CONCERN #2 – Dark spots on hands

You may have heard of the term ‘age spots’ before and unfortunately, it is a real thing. Age spots are flat, black, brown or grey spots that can appear on the body, but most commonly on the face, neck and hands. They are caused from UV exposure and an increase in melanin production (which happens as you age).

Fix it:

Prevent age spots by wearing sunscreen every day, making sure to cover the back of your hands as well. Or try using a hand cream with SPF protection like Natio Wellness Hand Cream SPF15 or Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment.  If you’re already experiencing age spots, try these pigment-correcting creams: Elucent Whitening Hand Cream or John Plunkett Superfade Original Cream.

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AGEING CONCERN #3 – Chin whiskers and moustaches

As if experiencing thinning hair wasn’t already TOTALLY unfair, we also get to gain hair in areas such as the upper lip and chin. YAY FOR US. Thanks to our decrease in oestrogen, testosterone gets to run wild and free, causing hair to grow in similar places to males. At least we’ll finally be able to participate in Movember.

Fix it:

No razors on your face please, ladies. You can pluck with a sturdy pair of tweezers like COLOUR by TBN Tweezers and Revlon True Precision Tweezer. Or if you’re after a less painful approach, try Nair Total Care™ Face Trio. The three-step system includes a pre-treatment balm, depilatory cream and moisturiser, all formulated to be gentle and nourishing on the skin, so you can get rid of any nasty chin whiskers while keeping your face soft and smooth.

AGEING CONCERN #4 Sagging neck

Gravity is not our friend when it comes to getting older. Everything starts to loosen; the skin on the face, arms, and stomach, and perhaps the worst of them all (due to it’s location and severity of sagging) is the neck.   

Fix it:

Make this area part of your beauty routine now. A lot of us are diligent about applying creams to our face but often forget about our neck. Prevention is the key, but if you’ve already started to notice some sagging, try these anti-ageing solutions: Bellamer Botanical Skin Care Renewing Face and Neck Mask and La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream.

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AGEING CONCERN #5 – Nail ‘wrinkles’

As you age, you may find your nails have ridges. These rough vertical lines can make nails look uneven and be a pain to paint over. Ridges are caused as areas of the nail begin to weaken and waste away, they are sort of like the ‘wrinkles’ on the nails.

Fix it:

Apply a cuticle cream, such as Mavala Switzerland Cuticle Cream, to the tip of each nail. Massage the cream into the nail and the nail bed to prevent future cracking. Then use a four way nail buffer, like Manicare 4 Way Buffer, to smooth out existing ridges. Just remember not to buff the nails for too long or hard, as you don’t want to cause future damage to the nail or nail bed. Repeat this process once a week until the ridges disappear.

Did you know about all of these ageing beauty issues? What are your biggest concerns? 

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  1. Yes it is so true – a very shocking experience to find that we’ve been walking around with what looks like an elongated eyelash hanging off our face …. a swift pluck can solve that stress shock fast thankfully.

  2. omg really Dee!? That’s stressful for you – I was going to suggest Aveda but then I read what you said. I like it and it made my hair healthier and thicker and stop hairfall. Sorry to hear it didn’t do that for you. Maybe there is another product to help you or if I were you I’d be talking to my GP.

  3. I think men age too but the ‘roughness’ of ageing is what looks ‘right’ on them whereas we women don’t embark on looking rougher or whatever because it just looks more, well, masculine. I think it seems that ageing is akin with that masculine look/appearance. It just sort of suits men’s looks I think.

  4. I’m not aware if you are blonde Miss19 but if you are you may not have to worry too much about whiskers & moustache – but if you are brunette or dark I have a relo who just takes herself off to a local salon and she lets them deal with it! (and her teenage daughter who she takes along with her!!)

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