10 fun facts about Aussie skin care brand Romy

10 fun facts about Aussie skin care brand Romy

Have you tried Romy? No? You should. It’s an Australian skin care brand made up of wonderful products featuring nourishing aromatherapy oils and natural Australian bush fruit extracts. Intriguing, huh? Well, it gets better…


FACT #1: The brand’s founder and creator Rosemarie Elsa Bayne has an exceptional nose. No, not a good-looking nose – we’re talking scent-wise. She can pick up a scent from a mile away, and is completely fascinated by distinguishing different smells.

FACT #2: Rosemarie loved exploring the natural bush garden behind her family home as child, where should would pick and play with flowers, plants, seedpods and anything else that had an earthy smell. This is where her love for natural ingredients began.

FACT #3: Rosemarie was the envy of all her school friends after she created her own rose water using rose petals from her mum’s garden as a youngster. Clearly she knew a thing or two about beauty back then, too.

FACT #4: During Rosemarie’s 25 years in the hotel amenities business, she learned so much about skin care from the perfumers, chemists and packaging experts she decided to create her own product using Australian eucalyptus oil in 2002. This saw the birth of Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass, which was the brand’s first product line and original name. It was available throughout the hospitality, private hospital & airline industry.

FACT #5: Romy was born out of a dream and desire to rid the world of harmful substances and awful “smells”.

FACT #6: After developing a cult following both locally and internationally through the industries, the range then expanded to feature other key ingredient ranges –  including Cinnamon & Cocoa with Kakadu Plum, and Lavender & Fir Needle with Lilly Pilly (which are now available online).

FACT #7: Romy products are free from harsh chemicals – all ingredients used are sustainable and plant-derived.

FACT #8: Much of the inspiration behind Rosemarie’s Romy creations come from her lifestyle living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, an area well known for its pristine coastline, crystal clear waters, and abundant flora and fauna.

FACT #9: Other key Romy ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, pomegranate, chamomile, rose hip, green tea, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera and apricot kernel oil, all of which are seriously nourishing for the body.

FACT #10: Romy’s most-loved products are its shampoos and conditioners, and hand and nail creams.

Have you heard of Romy skin care before? Have you tried any of its products? You should check out the range here. We’re in love with the body butters…

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