How to combat jawline acne, fast.


Did you know that your jawline acne is the most common form of breakout? The bottom half of your face is ruled by stress and hormones, making it more prone to pimples. But breakouts on your jawline tend to be cystic so they can appear quite red and sore without a head appearing. While jawline acne is quite hard to keep under control, thank goodness there are at-home steps and products you can use to reduce inflammation and bacteria.

  1. Up your skincare game: Now is not the time to let your skin care routine slip. Start by making sure you’re cleansing morning and night.
  2. Introduce acne fighting ingredients: If you suffer from jawline acne and the rest of your face is in the clear, try spot cleansing. By using a salicylic infused cleanser on your chin only, you’re helping to exfoliate and breakdown the acne without drying out the rest of your face.
  3. Reduce swelling: Wrap an  ice cube in a tissue and press on the affected area for a few minutes. Ice helps to reudce constricted blood vessels.
  4. Kill bacteria: Spot treat ance with benzoyl peroxide. It helps to reduce bacteria by drying the skin out, so be sure to use a minimal amount.
  5. Don’t stop moisturising! When you have pimples it can be tempting to try and dry the area out, but this can actually make the problem worse. 

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But you can also make changes to your diet and daily habits to help resolve jawline acne.

  1. Don’t pop: Because cystic pimples are under the skin, this doesn’t work. Popping a cystic pimple will only spread the infection and make it redder.
  2. Change your diet: Try eliminating inflammatory food like diary. But also add complexion-boosting foods like that are rich in zinc, beta carotene and probiotics.
  3. Don’t touch this area: We tend to touch this area quite a bit throughout the day, so be mindful not to. Instead of putting your phone to your face, to keep this area bacteria-free, try using a hands-free headphone set.
  4. Destress: Studies have shown that stress can have an effect on your hormones that leads to an increase in oil production and, therefore, increased pimples. Try a daily meditation practice or a form of excercise you enjoy to try and relax. 

Have you ever had jawline acne? How do you treat jawline acne?

*This article has been updated since its original publication date. 

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