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    7 products for blemish-prone skin

    Are you prone to the odd blemish or two? Or do full-blown breakouts insist on popping up regularly? Stress less – they can be dealt with, just as long as you’re armed with the best blemish-busting…

    colour boost vinylicious liquid lipstick
    2 reviews

    Great staying power for the price!


    I picked this up in a bargain bin. A great purchase! I have trouble with picking lip colours as I’m not a big pink person. And I also hate a sticky type finish.

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    SUN Sensitive Protect Sunscreen Lotion SPF50
    64 reviews

    Nice sunscreen for sensitive skin


    I was excited to try this new sunscreen as I have very pale skin that burns so easily and use a sunscreen religiously if I am going to be outdoors.

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    Dr. LeWinn's
    Private Formula Gentle Cream Cleanser
    4 reviews

    Good Gentle Cleanser


    This cleanser has a soft runny texture, a bit too runny but does the job...

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    1. 1568598266

      I have started this thread to let people know that BH has announced the nominated products for the Best…

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    2. 1568594646

      Hello everyone, new member here! I suffer from PCOS, so my skincare is something I have to pay particular…

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    3. 1568553185

      SKN Renew Avoid the midday sun between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Wear wide-brimmed hats…

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    4. 1568524362

      I think I can safely say we all own a range of skincare products and use them according to how our facial…

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    5. 1568458917

      Hey Everyone, I tried the Manuka doctor peel off mask for the first time yesterday and believe I…

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    6. 1568369710

      Hello! I have just recently started taking Estelle 35 pill for my acne (I’m 16 btw), I started this…

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