Fast Response Eye Cream

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M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream is a caffeinated cream that produces instant effects.

M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream is a caffeinated cream that produces instant effects.

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19 Dec 2015

Great pre concelaer eye cream!

I love this product! I use it every morning, it fills out the fine lines I’ve got under my eyes to make my concealer go on smoothly! It is one of my makeup staples!


Allow the product to dry completly before applying concealer

Ideal for

People with fine lines under the eys

Would you recommend?

Yes - I would recommend this product

03 Nov 2014

Great Eye Primer

I was recently introduced to this by a MAC sales assistant and was so pleased that I was. It is very hydrating and serves as a great eye primer for concealer. It smoothes fine lines and allows concealer to glide... Read full review
17 May 2012

Good eye cream

I heard good reviews for this so I decided to try it out my tired eyes. It doesn\'t eliminate my dark circles my it certainly hydrates and application of my concealor on top of this applies much smoother. Unfortunately it\'s... Read full review
17 Jan 2012

Such a good product

I use this every day. I started using it when I ran out of my day time eye cream and needed something to use until I bought more. I pulled this out of my drawer and applied it and proceeded... Read full review
27 Jun 2011

Quick fix for tired eyes

I am loving this product at the moment, the area around my eyes is getting very dry due to the windy and cold weather and all the heating I\'ve been sitting in to make sure I don\'t freeze! After taking... Read full review


You don't need a lot of this product as it spreads very easily. Just squeeze a tiny blob onto your fingertip and apply by patting gently into the eye contour area.

Ideal for

People needing hydration for dry and tired looking eyes with fine lines.