FACT: The nose is a complex part of the body. Some might even call him fussy. Yes, fussy.

You see, in spring and summer, he demands light, floral, floaty scents. Yep, when the sun is blazing it’s the fresh, fruity notes that get him in a real spin. But when the clouds move in and the frost starts to form, he demands something a little more intense. He wants moody notes and woody notes; notes that create a feeling of warmth and even sex appeal.

Because of this, it’s important to switch-up your fragrance during the cooler months. Erica Moore of Fragrances of the World says it’s only natural for our tastes in fragrances change during winter, and that we are drawn to warmer notes of woods, spices and vanilla because they create a feeling of comfort. It appears our noses are on to something here...

But before you start to feel frazzled about your nose’s current state of happiness, switching your signature fresh summer scent isn’t daunting at all. Simply arm yourself with our top tips for choosing the perfect winter juice and you’ll find yourself treating your nose to a mist of rich, full-bodied fragrance before it even has the chance to complain.

WINTER FRAGRANCE TIP #1: opt for a juice that’s base note-heavy
Top notes tend to get lost during the cooler months – the scent doesn’t ‘lift’ as easily from your skin like it does when it’s warm – so make the most of your fragrance by choosing one that’s a little more potent. We’re talking anything that’s loaded with traditional base notes such as vanilla, amber and musk. Want something a little trendy? Erica says the woody notes of oud, patchouli and vetiver are outrageously popular right now.

WINTER FRAGRANCE TIP #2: embrace the Orientals
Woody orientals, soft orientals and floral orientals are the fragrance families that capture our attention in the cooler months, says Erica. They are warm and quite strong and spicy in their scent, most often combining notes of vanilla, amber, musk and other oriental resins. (Hint: your nose will love them, and so will you.)

WINTER FRAGRANCE TIP #3: test new scents with a clean body
We’re 99 per cent certain you shower every day anyway, but before you head to the department store for a round of scent sniffing, wash your skin clean of any fragrances. This includes shower gels and body lotions, too, as a clutter of scents on the skin can alter the scent of the ones you’re testing. Erica also suggests stepping outside to take in a big breath of fresh air before embarking on your expedition. Evaluating scents when the slate is clean and everything is fresh is beyond ideal.

WINTER FRAGRANCE TIP #4: let the fragrance ‘live’ on your skin for 24 hours
Never step into a store and purchase a juice you’ve applied to your body an hour earlier. You need at least 24 hours to allow each and every element of the scent to develop, says Erica. It’s also best not to test more than three perfumes at once – your nose will get confused otherwise. And do not, I repeat, do not rub your wrists together once you’ve spritzed. This kills the top notes, effectively altering the scent of the fragrance.

Feeling to urge to make your nose delightfully happy with a wonderful winter fragrance now that you’re armed with some winning tips? Check out the gallery below for 10 scents that are perfect for the cooler months…

Do you switch-up your juice during the cooler months? Do you have a favourite oriental-esque scent that smells wonderfully warm in winter?

PS: Where exactly do you apply your perfume each day? If you're doing it wrong, you could be causing premature wrinkles and pigmentation...


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