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The Body Shop Perfume Oils are soft, fruity and sensual fragrances. Perfume oils are the strongest and longest lasting forms of fragrance. They are alcohol-free and available in White Musk and Vanilla.

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Great to have in your bag or at work

A really great product to have with you all the time. Just a little goes a long way. It is a little expensive which does put me off buying the product, but it does last and is great to use at work, before going out or before going to bed

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Angela798.



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Vanilla is delicious

This was my first introduction to Vanilla Oil perfume....OMG..I fell completely in love. My gorgeous little bottle lasted me for a long time as you only need to dab a snippet of the oil on specific areas; décolleté, wrists, behind ears. The delicious, warm, seductive scent of vanilla hangs around all day...just getting better.
I received so many compliments (especially from guys) when I wore this...I think Vanilla may be the guys aphrodisiac scent....

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by iluvfacialz.



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I have used the White Musk since high school & although I use other perfumes it is a classic standby. The musk is a gorgeous scent & a little goes a long way. I do agree with others that the applicator is difficult to use, I just apply with my finger. The bottle lasts for ages as does the scent on your skin.

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Flicky26.



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Love the vanilla, but difficult to apply

I love the Vanilla fragrance, I have been on the same bottle for years so its good value.

The thing I don't like is the applicator stick is quite delicate, and mine actually broke off. The Body Shop just told me to use a cotton bud, which doesn't work so well as it just absorbs the liquid. I would prefer if it had a spray to quickly spritz on, as the stick applicator is a bit slow and laborious.

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Anne980.



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Smells delicious!

I was looking for a vanilla scent and decided to buy The Body Shop vanilla perfume oil. Indeed, a little goes a long way - 2 years on and I still haven't gone through half the bottle and I use all the time. I love this vanilla perfume oil - smells just like vanilla essence you use for baking! I enjoyed so much walking around like a cake :) I also have the White Musk perfume oil, it's a warm, feminine, almost powdery scent. I like both, but I prefer the vanilla one.

I have noticed the perfume oil scent changes slightly over time, and the colour of the oil darkens over time too - even though I always store perfumes in a cool place away from sunlight

If I have one feedback for The Body Shop, bring more perfume oils to Australia! I've seen all those wonderful new scents released in the UK, US, Malaysia, and we never get them in Australia. What's up with that?

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by stackcats.

Little Lady N


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purchased this today and it smells divine. its just that perfect vanilla smell with out being overpowering and sickly! love!

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Little Lady N.



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something fragrant to have in my bag

I have the musk and this is a great little perfumed oil to have and to wear. The applicator is a bit delicate to use - which actually saves me from using more of it- because application is thru a tiny stick attached to the lid of the bottle.

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by CherryBlossom.



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Such a good buy!

The Body Shop perfume oils are long lasting, high quality oils that outperform other perfumes. I have white musk and vanilla and I love them both but I think white musk is a little old for me so I generally use vanilla which is just edible!

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by jodib.



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All-time favourite scent, to suit any budget!

Less is more with this perfume oil. It's quite strong, so a dab on the wrists and behind the ears should be plenty.

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Nicole714.



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Just divine!!

I've been using these since high school(maaaany moons ago!) I used to use the vanilla and strawberry scents. I now use the white musk. It is divine, such a clean, beautiful scent. It never irritates my skin like other fragrances do. I love it

Read the full review of Perfume Oils by Kookla123.

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