Teenage girls can be notoriously difficult to buy for. It often seems that no suggestion you make is ever quite right. A simple trip to the department store to buy a new pair of shoes can turn into an epic saga, requiring the trying on and discarding of hundreds of pairs of perfectly good shoes.

Thankfully, when it comes to gift-giving, things needn’t be so challenging. We’ve pounded the pavement and found the top perfume picks for teenage girls so shopping for that niece’s birthday won’t be such a nightmare…

Think tasty
Sweet, positively drool-worthy scents are popular among picky teens. Think almost-edible fragrances like bubblegum, musk stick and vanilla. The Hello Kitty collection has a great range of yummy scents at cheap-as-chips prices so you can pick a few to match your unpredictable teen’s ever-changing moods!

Be trendy
Teenage girls are suckers for gorgeous packaging, so opt for funky, teen-appropriate perfumes like the Harajuku Lovers range, inspired by Gwen Stefani (and what teen girl doesn’t worship Gwen?) The Harajuku perfume bottles are shaped like adorable Japanese figurines that would look uber-trendy on any teen girl’s dresser.

Think celeb
Celebrity fragrances are a real hit with teens. Think Britney Spears Curious perfume or Glow by JLO, which both come in young, modern packaging that’s ideal for the grown-up teen girl.

Go designer
Fashionable teens know their designers. Give them a bottle of Marc Jacobs or Gucci perfume and they’ll swoon immediately. What’s more, most designer fragrances come with nifty little freebies, like the Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Ring which is an adorable vintage-style ring with solid perfume concealed inside. Now what teenage girl wouldn’t love that for her birthday?!