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When you fall pregnant, your body goes through many changes. Between morning sickness, fluid retention and the rollercoaster of emotion, it’s easy to feel as though what’s happening to your body is completely out of your control.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by these changes, you can take back some power by arming yourself with the one product that’ll help to keep your skin healthy and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

The product that’s rumoured to be on the vanities of some of the yummiest mummies in Hollywood is Bio-Oil®. That’s right, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian are apparently avid users of this liquid gold – and it’s no wonder why.

Thanks to its blend of vitamins A and E and nourishing calendula, lavender and rosemary and chamomile oils, Bio-Oil®works to soothe, heal and regenerate the skin covering a rapidly-expanding baby belly.

When your body expands, it can cause the skin to tear and form scars, appearing on the surface as – you guessed it – stretch marks. Give your skin a helping hand by using Bio-Oil® at the start of your second trimester and throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Apply it twice daily to your tummy, breasts, hips, bottom and thighs and massage it into the skin using circular motions.

Perfect for busy mums-to-be, Bio-Oil® contains PurCellin Oil, which ensures the oil’s goodness is quickly absorbed, but it’s also light and non-greasy on the skin, so there’s no need to wait around before pulling on your jeans.

And after you’ve welcomed your bub into the world, you can continue using Bio-Oil® to improve the appearance of existing stretch marks, and treat your skin to some nourishment every day.

Read on to find out why some of our members swear by Bio-Oil® as their go-to product during pregnancy…

“Bio-Oil helps with the itchiness you get when things start to stretch out! I definitely recommend it!” – Redhair

“I got really dry skin during pregnancy (I felt like a reptile!), and Bio-Oil reduced the scaliness completely. I noticed the biggest benefit after I had my daughter: no stretch marks from where her rapidly-expanding little body had been for nine months. I also used it afterwards to help my skin regain its ‘springiness’.” – bh’s Laura

“I’ve been using Bio-Oil since I found out I was pregnant! I have been told by lots of friends that it is the best thing to prevent stretch marks.” – Radical Renay

“The marks on my tummy have gone due to Bio-Oil and I highly recommend it to any mummy. I take it as baby shower gift for all mums-to-be because it works.” – Marza

Do you use Bio-Oil during pregnancy? How has it helped you?

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