The new baby website mums-to-be are obsessing over


Shopping for a mum-to-be can be stressful, let alone being the mum.

Especially if you’re new to the baby game and navigating the gadgets, whats-its and actual ‘your baby needs this’ essentials is about as easy as tying your own shoes at eight months.

It’s why many women look to their already-mum friends and ask for ‘the list’. Because at the end of the day, none of us want to buy useless crap… just the useful crap please. 

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This is where Kate Casey and Pheobe Simmons come in. Or more specifically their new website: the memo.

Newly launched Australia wide, the memo is: ‘ a careful curation of the world’s best, most loved and trusted baby brands, genuinely advising and selling you the stuff you actually need. All in the one place. It’s the baby edit making big decisions easy.’


Kate saw the necessity for such a wesbite, as she was preparing for her own newborn and found shopping chaotic and overwhelming. “Most expectant parents rely on their friends for the best advice. I wanted to create a place where new mums and dads felt good about building a happy home life with their baby, with the trust of a close friend and credibility of an industry insider.”

Not only is the website a useful navigation tool, but mums-to-be are also loving how stylish the products are. Think: Colourful without being OTT and nappy bags you actually want to carry with you. And as we all become more environmentally conscious, sustainaibility was a big driver behind the site’s curation too. 


“We don’t sell thousands of products because not all baby products are worth it. This is what you need. This is what you’ll use. This is what you’ll love.”

There is also a gift registry section to help make baby showers guilt and waste-free. And if you’ve ever had to shop for a baby shower before (as a non-mum), having someone tell you what to get is undoubtedly the best.

Plus, for every registry made online, the memo contributes 5 per cent of proceeds to St Kilda Mums, to go towards their efforts to give all new mums and babies a happy, healthy and safe home life.

Main image: @fromthememo

Do you like the sound of the memo? Any mums who would’ve loved this back when they were pregnant?

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