Shay Mitchell Welcomes Her Second Baby And Shares Sweet Tribute Name

shay mitchell baby name

The arrival of Shay Mitchell’s second daughter and her subsequent baby name has us in tears. Not because it’s an unusual celebrity baby name, but because it symbolises a sweet family tribute.

This is one celebrity pregnancy that’s given us all the feels from the get-go, as Shay learned she was expecting at the same time she was grieving the loss of her beloved Grandma.

“I’m certain they spent time together and that brings me peace and joy,” Shay wrote when announcing her daughter’s arrival on Instagram.

And then, with a dagger to our heart, she shared the name. “We’re so happy you’re here Rome, named after my best friend, my soulmate, my “person,” my Grandma Romaine.” 

In the photo, Shay is wearing a necklace bearing the same name, as her daughter rests her full head of hair under her chin. Look at that little fist!

This is Shay’s second child with long-term partner Matte Babel, after welcoming eldest daughter Atlas in 2019. When choosing the baby name for their firstborn, it was friends of the couple who suggested Atlas and their love of travel that cemented it.

And now, the sisters share names that are both worldly and otherwordly.

Were you named after a grandparent? What do you think of Shay Mitchell’s baby name?

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  1. Aww I love the name and the thought behind it all too. My middle name was after my grandfather that died before I was born. They just had to change the spelling to female and not the male version.

  2. Romaine is lovely – I wouldn’t have shortened it. Considering the price of lettuce, it’s quite a luxe name, haha!

    I’m a Greek mythology buff, so I think of Atlas as masculine. Still, I don’t mind it as a girl’s name.

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