The ultimate winter skin care kit for pregnancy


As an expectant mum-to-be you have so many glorious skin moments to come! The healthiest nails you’ve ever seen, luscious hair and that famous pregnancy glow. But keeping that glow in-check when you’re pregnant in the winter months can take some work. We spoke with Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica to get your ultimate winter pregnancy skin care kit sorted!

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What effect does the cold, wintery weather have on your skin?

In general, our skin suffers in the colder months with dryness and tightness. “In winter, our skin has a slight decrease in the quantity of oil it produces, with less moisture in the air,” says Hobson. She also says that the cold, wind and indoor heating are all contributing factors that “diminish the skin’s natural ‘barrier’ defences, causing the skin to have dry patches.” Using an antioxidant rich moisturising lotion for your body that is specially formulated for sensitive skin will help combat those persistent dry patches and is a winter necessity!  

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So what does this mean if you’re pregnant?

“The radical changes your skin can encounter are down to the erratic behaviour of your hormones” says Hobson. Due to the hormone changes pregnancy brings about, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience dramatic differences in their skin, such as intense dryness. If this happens to you, Hobson recommends incorporating moisture rich hydrating products and exfoliation, which will allow for your dry, dead skin to shed off, and protect your new skin from the elements of winter.

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What are the best tips for looking after you skin in winter while pregnant?

When taking care of your skin in winter it’s really important to keep your skin care and body regime simple by using ingredients that will make your skin happy! Ingredients that are rich in essential fatty acids, such as avocado and shea butter will nourish and soften your skin, says Hobson. She also recommends professional skin treatments to “help keep the skin in check with all of the hormonal changes that are taking place.” The therapist will be aware of all the contraindications of pregnancy so if you’re unsure of its suitability, just ask! Not only is an in-salon treatment fabulous for your skin, it also gives you time to relax and pamper yourself before bub arrives!

It’s also really important to keep up on good use of SPF and skin protectants during the colder weather, as UV rays can be even more harsh through the clouds in the winter months than when it is blaring onto your skin in the middle of summer! Adding an SPF or zinc to your face in the morning before your makeup will do the trick.

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Should you be using gentler products?

If you find your pregnancy hormones are leading you to feel the effects of winter even more so than usual, Hobson recommends reaching for products that are rich in moisture and not too heavy-duty on the skin. Milky cleansers, preferably vegetable oil based, are really great at cleansing your skin without striping the essential oils we produce!

Hobson places emphasis on the need to focus on changing and adapting to the right serums and masks that suit your skin during pregnancy. Using spritz toners, serums and masks are a great way to keep your skin boosted with hydration, just ensure you’re using the best ones for your skins current state. Hobson also recommends using skin care products designed to repair the skins defence system, these will use protective ingredients like silicones.

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What are the must have ingredients in winter? Are there any you should avoid?

So now that we have a good idea of how to protect ourselves when the overactive pregnancy hormones meet the harsh elements of winter, it’s also important to look out for certain ingredients to incorporate into your skin care regime, and also to steer clear of!

Hobson recommends Hyaluronic Acid, as she says it is brilliant for increasing skin hydration. You can find this ingredient in treatment products, like serums, boosters and masks.

If the skin is feeling extra dry and tight, Hobson says to use ingredients like evening primrose, jojoba, borage seed and oat kernel oil in your moisturiser, which she says are all a rich source of Gamma Linoleic acid.

Hobson says that using an anhydrous moisturiser (water-free), can help protect you from flakey skin, which she describes as putting a protective glove on your skin as it seals in moisture and prevents it from drying out. We need this now!

When discussing ingredients to avoid, Hobson says there’s no need to boycott AHA’s as lactic acid and glycolic acid have incredible benefits for pregnant women who are suffering from hormonal and seasonal dryness. She does, however, say not to overdo it with a thick, heavy-duty moisturiser unless your skin is actually oil dry, as well as moisture dry. Going too ‘heavy’ can result in oily skin, rather than the hydration you so desire!

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Have you suffered from extra-dry skin in winter during pregnancy? What skin products are your saviour?

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