Pregnancy beauty issues


There are the pregnancy problems you can expect like swollen feet, weight gain and fatigue, and then there are the pregnancy problems that catch you totally by surprise such as bad breath, hair loss and acne.

So if you’re about to embark on your exciting nine-month journey and don’t like surprises, prepare yourself for the possibility of these beauty issues and discover the tips and products to lessen their effects.


Why it happens

Skin tends to dry out quickly during pregnancy due to the body’s intense need for fluids. And while the retention of fluid increases throughout the body, the feet often miss out, resulting in dry and callused heels and soles.

How to stop it

Tools like the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File and QVS Pedicure File are completely safe for pregnant women to use at home. However, if you’re far along in your pregnancy and can’t bend over to reach your feet, it’s best to have somebody perform your pedicure for you. Heading to the salon is also safe; just make sure it is well ventilated so you’re not exposed to the fumes from acrylic nail treatments and nail polish.


Why it happens

Hair on the nipples and areola is quite common for all women, but during pregnancy, these hairs can grow longer and darker due to hormonal changes.

How to stop it

Unfortunately waxing or hair removal of any kind is not an option. Pulling the hair out from the root can lead to irritation and infection, which is the last thing you want during pregnancy, especially if you’re planning on breastfeeding. Instead, you can try trimming the hairs down to the skin level so they don’t bother you as much. It is easiest and safest to use small nail scissors like the Manicare Straight Nail Scissors.


Why it happens

Your baby requires a lot of water, fluid retention and blood volume in order to grow. As a result, these sources are often pulled from other areas of the body, including the lips.

How to stop it

Women should increase their daily water intake during pregnancy to help provide more fluid to the womb. This will also help to keep the skin and lips hydrated. But of course there’s nothing better than a soothing lip balm to repair chapped lips. Try, Chapstick 3-in-1 or Carmex® lip balm jar.


Why it happens

During pregnancy, it’s not uncommon for just about everything to change when it comes to the skin. The look, feel, and hydration levels – you name it. These changes can cause the skin to become quite sensitive which can lead to irritability and breakouts. Throughout the nine months, women may also experience a decrease of oil on the face, which believe it or not also contributes to acne occurring.

How to stop it

Changing your diet can help tremendously. Try introducing foods like salmon, dark green veggies, olives and berries that contain powerful antioxidants that will help to clear up the skin. Using an organic rosehip oil such as Kosmea Certified Organic Rosehip Oil can also help to rebalance the skin and reduce spots. It also work wonders on stretch marks.


Why it happens

Hair loss commonly occurs during pregnancy as a result of hormone changes. It is likely to reverse once the baby is born, but can sometimes continue for a few months. Understandably, the sight of so much hair falling out can be quite distressing for some women.

How to stop it

Treating hair loss with medications such as Rogaine is not safe during pregnancy. Instead, try using a treatment such as Aveda Invati™ Scalp Revitaliser. The treatment is 97 per cent naturally-derived and safe to use during and after pregnancy.


Why it happens

While pregnancy hormones alone can’t be blamed for bad breath, the pregnant body does require a lot of calcium, which can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. During pregnancy, calcium that is normally used for strengthening teeth may be used elsewhere in the body.

How to stop it

To avoid this, ensure you’re taking prenatal vitamins, including plenty of calcium in your diet, and brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day.

Did you experience any of these beauty issues while you were pregnant? What’s your best beauty tip for soon-to-be mums?

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