How to nourish your baby’s skin in winter


This time of year can be particularly damaging to your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. We adjust our our own beauty products and routines to suit the season, but it’s just as important you do the same for your bub too. We spoke with Midwife Cath, who has delivered over 10,000 babies in her 42-years as a midwife (including Bec Judd’s bubs), to get her top tips for nourishing your baby’s skin in winter.

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Choosing natural and organic products

Midwife Cath stresses that keeping your baby’s skin nourished at this time of year does not require a cabinet full of skin care products. “Their skin tends to be quite soft already and doesn’t require as many as ours does!” So what should we look out for when finding the perfect skin care routine for bub?

Her top tip is picking out a few natural, quality, staple products. She says to avoid “petrochemical cleansers, parabens and mineral oils as these can be nasty on new skin and cause irritation.” There are so many natural and organic products on the market that have been specifically designed for babies. “[These] can work a treat to aid in protecting their skin from the cooler climate and help keep a consistent skin care routine.”

Do your research and find those few staple products that bub’s skin will love during the colder months!

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The bath-time routine

Despite your baby’s skin being quite smooth, it’s still developing protective layers. Midwife Cath says ensuring you layer your baby with a nourishing moisturiser to shield their skin from the cold weather is really important. For Midwife Cath, it all starts with the bath-time routine. “I often use Organic Care Baby Bubble Bath when bathing a baby as it can be an easy, fun, and hassle-free way to add moisture into your bub’s everyday routine without adding too many extra steps.”

She also stresses not to forget about the importance of the bath temperature, it should sit somewhere around the 38-degree mark as this is warm enough to keep bub cosy, but isn’t too hot!

Your post-bath drying tools and techniques are also important. “I recommend using a soft, bamboo towel from Baby Buntings as it avoids irritation and drying the skin out. Simply pat bub dry with the hood to ensure their skin locks in moisture and allows the natural newborn oils to thrive,” says Midwife Cath.

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Rehydrating the skin

Keeping your bub’s skin hydrated is really important during this time of year. Midwife Cath recommends using a daily, fragrance-free moisturiser after their bath as it will aid hydration and protect their sensitive skin. Midwife Cath says, “A key ingredient is coconut oil, a natural hydrator and a great addition at this time of year. Applying moisturiser will also help to protect their skin against nappy rash!”

A top tip from Midwife Cath on nappy rash: “Nappy rash is an all-year-round problem for babies but can be more problematic in winter. Make sure you properly clean your baby’s bottom with every nappy change. Using natural, wet wipes can help to clean your little one before applying a soothing cream.”

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Baby Massage

Baby massage can be an effective way to nourish and soothe your baby’s skin, promoting good blood circulation, Midwife Cath also says how it can be an incredible way to bond with your bub.

“It’s best to do it when your baby is fed and relaxed and does not have to be prior to bedtime. I suggest in the morning after the baby has slept well,” says Midwife Cath.

But what’s the best way to do baby massage? She says to make sure the room is warm and cosy, but not too hot. She also stresses not massaging bub for too long, as the younger they are, the less tolerant they will be.

“Always place your little one on their tummy and with gentle strokes massage their back, arms, legs and even his head – remember to be very gentle and the massage only needs to last 2-4 minutes.”

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How do you look after bub’s skin in winter? Have you tried these products?

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  1. well having used Sudocrem and Nappy Goo both are good – talc is a no-go and massage is an idea but bubba (who is 9 months now) can’t seem to sit still long enough to have a massage – tho he loves having his head rubbed!


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