Pregnancy predictions 2015

Pregnancy predictions 2015

Seeing as we did so well with last year’s pregnancy predictions, we thought we’d keep the tradition alive and try to predict which celebs will be sporting baby bumps in 2015. These are our forecasts, based on a series of mathematical equations, scientific research and pure entertainment. Enjoy!

Do you agree with our pregnancy predictions? Are there any other celebs that you’d add to the list?

Amal Clooney

With their combined genetics, it would be cruel for George and Amal to deny the world a baby Clooney.

Olivia Palermo

Move over North, if this one comes true there will be a much more stylish baby in town.


The sassy singer recently hinted at the possibility of baby number two and we’re hoping for a mini Jay-Z this time.

Lara Bingle

Is she or isn’t she? Rumours aside, we think it definitely has to happen in 2015.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The only thing sexier than Channing Tatum holding a baby is Channing Tatum holding two babies.


After the adorable success of baby number one, another curly-haired blonde baby would be bliss.

Cameron Diaz

We’re not ones to start rumours but she did tie the knot to Benji awfully quick…

Diane Kruger

Hollywood’s most perfect couple would make the most perfect parents.

Kim Kardashian

We know one of the Kardashians is pregnant and our money is on “three, maybe four” Kim.

Kaley Cuoco

“I was born to be a wife and born to be a mum”. Well she’s already ticked the first life goal off…

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